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There is a common misconception in the Amazon and eCommerce sphere that there are few women in the industry. In fact, there are many women entrepreneurs who are hanging a virtual shingle as the primary or sole business owner/founder. A smaller percentage, but still higher than is widely assumed, attends regular Amazon events, like the Prosper Show, IRCE, SellerCon, etc. There are more of us out there than you'd think! More importantly, despite the fact that there are many women in eCommerce, there are still very few women on stage at these evetns.

Introducing the first ever Empowery Women's Conference, which will be held on February 20th & 21st in Manhattan Beach. This event will be open to both men and women attendees, but will have only women on the stage. These ladies will be speaking about hard hitting content with key takeaways for your business, but will also get real with you about the struggles they've faced and overcame to get where they are now.

Breakfast and lunch will be served during the conference on both days, as well as a Happy Hour and VIP dinner for those with VIP access.