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DevOps in Enterprise - Vanessa Love

DevOps in an enterprise environment is a hard sell. When your team size isn't 3 people in a coffee shop making decisions and getting action, it becomes a lesson in patience. Your concerns aren't just what is the best process and tool for your team, but how to clear the red tape and get buy in from the rest of the company. Culture within an enterprise environment can be low, having team members only concerned about when to clock out at the end of the day, and management only concerned about deadlines and productivity. Some tool creators even want to tell you how wrong you are doing DevOps.

I will talk about choosing your battles and how any advancement is great. I will tell you how you aren't doing it wrong, but you're doing it right for your team. We will talk about finding allies and champions around you, and how this can be your most powerful tool. I will talk about how to use your small advancements to prove what you are doing, to gain larger changes. And let's finish on some strategies to keep you sane.

Getting Started with Azure Key Vault - Rahul Nath

Here we will give you a short introduction to Azure Key Vault and how you can get started with it immediately. We will touch upon common existing scenarios of handling application-specific sensitive information and how we can quickly introduce key vault.