How to build authority through data-driven content?

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Topic: *How to build authority through data-driven content*

The expression “content is king” is likely to be familiar within the SEO and digital marketing community. However, with the internet seemingly flooded with content and users becoming increasingly selective about what they consume, it’s a battle which is becoming harder and harder to win. How can SEOers and digital marketers create and leverage content to compete in today’s environment? What strategies and tactics can we deploy to make sure that we are creating relevant and engaging content and how can we use data to fuel our efforts?

Speaker: GREG JACOBS from Found

Greg brings a decade of experience working in search marketing and managing accounts for a range of businesses across different industries. As Senior SEO Strategist at Found his role is to ensure they are deploying the latest tactics for our clients and that we are going in the right direction with our strategy and fully integrated with other digital channels.
Greg recently presented 'Maximising Position #0 & Encouraging a Higher CTR' at SMXL Milan 2018 and is now sharing his insights with Outreach Digital Club in London.

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