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This is a group that focuses on Professional Self Development with skills such as Networking, Speaking, Presentation, Social Networking Skills - as opposed to more general 'soft' areas...

It is designed for the more practical ambitious professional or entrepreneur. We will have seminars as well as networking opportunities for all. We will have access to experts in various areas with expertise in relevant business fields and skills but it will also be a forum to practice your skills and network and socialise with others.

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Presenting & Selling yourself to a Corporate Environment - PEP 87

Are you looking to sell yourself in a corporate environment? Perhaps you work there. Or looking to sell to them. Getting through the corporate management layer is one of the mysteries of known universe. We're talking both written and verbal. On one hand, corporates are where the money is. On the other hand - the standard methods of communication with the corporate area are completely ineffective. They don't know what they want themselves sometimes - but there are plenty of rules to tell you what you can't do. How do you get through? What makes you stand out in the sea of conservative but ineffective rhetoric? This seminar is for those who: - Need to present in a corporate environment or a corporate client. - Want to know how to market themselves - for a job or as a client (we will cover written and spoken). - Want to know how do you get yourself through the conservative barriers but maintain your own personality and even lead them. Please join us in our return in 2019. The room only holds 20 people seated so make sure you get in. It will be listed in other meetups and on other forums. NOTE ALSO: I will look to film this for some training videos. Please dress appropriately. I will expect the room to be full so preferential seating and attendance will be given to those who are appropriately attired. Remember this golden rule - "If someone were to introduce you to their bosses - would the impression embarrass them or favour them?" Following this - "if you were to have a video teaching how to influence corporate executives, would the audience create a favourable or negative impression?" This is a Professional and Entrepreneur Presenters Workshop Number 87 which I have run since 2013.

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