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Vibrational UPgrade System's Yoga & Meditation Class: Attuning the Chakras
Our friends at A Yoga Village in Clearwater are now hosting the weekly Vibrational UPgrade Yoga & Meditation class on Monday's at 8pm. Mindfulness Meditation; Asanas and Toning 4 Chakras; Prana Single class fee = $15 or choose Monthly pass = $30 (only $7.50 per class & can attend others at no extra charge) Cultivating the Observer Meditation & the Prana through Postures for the Chakras This class is appropriate for all levels as it is designed to work with your subtle energy. You’ll leave with increased clarity, energy, balance, ease & well-being. It’s a sacred experience, with many regulars making major gains in their own practice making up half the class, with new people joining in all the time. It’s a really easy going vibe, yet chronic pain is assisted, flexibility and length is gained, emotional & physical clearings happen…you just have to experience it! Each class starts with meditation focused on cultivating the Observer & increasing your awakened presence with this increased mindfulness. You will be instructed as you go through your practice in a way that communicates the sutra's basics on the nature of the mind, while guiding you through the typical reactions the mind has while we meditate. Coming out of this, we then will begin to release blocks, and open and balance the chakras through both relevant poses and tones. The class is geared towards self-empowerment and cultivating a an aligned relationship with Self. Om Shanti! Alison

A Yoga Village

2760 Daniel Street · Clearwater, FL


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It's my passion to heal and to teach others about Reiki, the chakra system, and subtle energies and to be among others who have the same passion for healing. I took over this group in 2015 so that I could open up a new possibility by connecting with other energy workers who are interested in offering the highest quality of treatment in their practices. Also as a way to connect our community together as we offer a real edge by using energy medicine to address what western medicine isn't equipped to.

My goal is organize and offer events here that would help you, your personal practice, and for those of you who this applies to, your professional practice to support this time of humanity's greatest shift here in the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area which is becoming increasingly known as a center for natural healing and wellness.

Namaste, Om Shanti.


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