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What we’re about

Our intention is to meet with like-minded people and share simple energy tools that we can use every day to feel better.

Topics may include: places to tap on your body when you feel tired, what to do when you feel foggy or scrambled, ways to release stress, balance the chakras, energy test the food and supplements we take in, balance our meridians to improve digestion and lose weight, release pain, how the law of attraction works with the aura, how we can change our emotions - and on and on, there are hundreds of possibilities! Our energy is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and when we align our energy first, the outside follows easily and naturally.

Just as we all have a physical body comprised of many different systems (e.g. skeletal, nervous, circulatory) we all have an energy body also comprised of different systems, a few of which are widely known are the meridians, chakras and the aura. Though most of us are unconscious of them, we all feel energy and talk about it with statements like “She has great energy”, “I feel scattered”, “I feel stuck” or “He looks radiant”. Simple techniques can have a dramatic effect on how we feel day to day.

The group is facilitated by Robin Friedman. who has completed Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program, is a Certified EFT practitioner with EFT Universe, AAMET and AMT, and is certified in hypnotherapy and life and spiritual coaching.

All are welcome, and no previous knowledge is necessary.

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