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What we’re about

   ~~~ "The Internal Yoga" ~~~

Ancient tribes have taught us that vocal toning is powerful healing for our bodies and our minds. ..from OM's to other chants from Native American, Hindu, African, Buddhist, Hawaiian, Shaman and many other cultures used for mind clearing and purging toxins from our body's cells ~ we then naturally attune to our centers and the spiritual core of ourselves..       By Law of Attraction and by proactively changing our internal vibrations, we experience an increase in energy, clarity and inspiration. This in turn begins to shift our external world as well.

"When we clear, tone and lift our vibrations, we literally change our lives."

We use crystal healing bowls at every meetup as well as utilizing native instruments such as drums, shakers and bells and do a number of breath and sound exercises according to the theme.

The group experience is exponentially more powerful than sounding alone.

There is no one particular religion indicated here. This is a strictly secular group targeting body, mind and spirit.

      We warmly welcome all beginners!

Do join us this month and begin your journey on this powerfully healing path.....

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