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What we’re about

The energy sector is undergoing profound change. Technology is empowering Customers and enabling them to be more active in terms of how they source, manage, self-generate, trade and pay for their energy and energy products. 

Technologies and business models from adjacent sectors and industries are now being applied in the energy sector to do things we never envisaged a short time ago. Traditional leaders in the energy industry are being disrupted by new technology companies. The pace of innovation across all parts of the value chain is increasing.

ESB believes that there are many new opportunities for companies to individually or collaboratively develop new products and services for energy users and we want to enable this “energy-tech” community that will work to achieve those objectives.

In recent years, ESB has developed a good working relationship with technology developers in the energy and overlapping sectors:

· We have invested in early stage clean-tech companies for the last 10 years;

· We are a founder of the global energy accelerator Free Electrons which has a potential reach of 70 million customers across the planet;

· We have sponsored the Spark of Genius for a number of years;

· We have set up our first off-site Innovation Hub “X_Site” in Dogpatch Labs at the heart of the technology start-up ecosystem in Dublin.

If you are an energy-tech company, or come from another sector and have technology that you believe can deliver transformative products or services in the energy sector and would like to become involved in a new energy-tech community, then we would like to hear from you.