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What we’re about

LIVE ! (in Paris, once a month) 1st Wednesday of the Month 7 to 9 pm

ONLINE ! All the Other Wednesdays of the month : 7 to 9 pm
And the Cafe de Flore is still accepting us ! ! ! ! (Next meeting November 1st, 7 PM)
On the second, third and fourth (and even fifth, if there is one) Wednesdays, we are continuing our ZOOM International meetings.
We want to continue to see our friends from Seattle, Istanbul, Poland, etc.

All meetings last up to 2 hours and we can then socialize a little if one wants to.....
This is a "Classic Philo Cafe".
It happens once a month in a café in the Latin Quarter (Cafe de Flore, usually).
It is public, free (but you must buy a drink) and it lasts 2 hours from 7 to 9 PM on a Wednesday.
Topics are proposed by the attendees and then one of them is chosen on the basis of its interest as a topic for all.
People speak one at a time (there is a microphone).

The "model" is the Ex-Cafe des Phares (in french) which is/was every Sunday at the Place de la Bastille from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.(I heard it stopped functioning due to the café's customer policy. :-(

It's fun, ....and serious !
Welcome to the Philosophy Cafe in English !

PS :
More info about the café-philos in general and in particular the historical Cafe des Phares ?
In french :
More info about the Cafe de Flore ?
In English :


About TalkPlace

On this occasion, I would like to recommend TalkPlace (, a non-profit website created to make it possible for everyone to find people to talk with about topics they are passionate about (in pairs or in groups). It is also useful to organize online philosophical cafés.

With TalkPlace, you can post 'talk proposals' anonymously, indicating the topic of discussion, the time convenient to you, and other conditions for the meeting. Furthermore, if you wish, you can provide information about yourself in your profile so that you can be easily found by people with similar interests and characteristics. And of course you can join talk proposals posted by others. Preliminary communication between users takes place anonymously through the site's communication system.

You are invited to visit TalkPlace, sign up and start sharing ideas, thoughts and passions. It's all free! Don't miss the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

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