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What we’re about

This is an English conversation meetup
We offer a free relaxing English environment (English only)
For the people has the following demand:

1. [Use/Improve your English]
  An English only speaking environment can definitely help you
  And you can also find company to share your experiences with 

2. [Make new friends]
  Extend your friend zone
  Meet new and different but still amazing people from around Taiwan or even other countries!

3. [Language exchange]
  You can meet people from different countries using different languages
  Best way to find a language exchange partner

4.[Meet locals]
  International students or workers have found their new local friends here
  Show you how Taiwanese enjoy their lives 

5. [Travel in Taichung]
  As a tourist, this is the best meetup to have the best local consultants 
  Give you the best recommendation of Taiwan and show you around 

6.[Minimize the cost]
  This is a nonprofit meetup
  All the events are free!
  And we will always minimize the cost for you
  But at least an order is required 

7.[Enjoy your evening]
  Please have your relaxing, enjoyable, joyful, and positive mood to join us
  This meetup is an event for having fun

8.[Weekly event]
  We will always be there every Wed+Fri
  Same place, same time, with different amazing people 

However we are not a dating or sales meetup
Please use positive and correct attitude to join us
Otherwise we will need to ask you to leave our meetup
The same if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable 
please feel free to tell me, then I’ll help you to solve the problem

You can be late
You can come with your friends
You can just show up without registration 
You can leave whenever you like
You can change the seat anytime 
You can come here make your life different 

Don't be shy
Don't worry about your English level
Don't hesitate 

Just come just us and have fun together =)

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