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What we’re about

The Enterprise DevOps community has been created as a consequence of a question.

“Nowadays we find bits of DevOps in one part of the business while other parts are using the cloud.  How I am going to work at the enterprise level and not at project level anymore?”

Many times I don't know what to exactly reply to feature requests, process implementations, or questions about why things are done in a specific way. Most of the time the questions make a lot of sense, there is not just a way to make things in DevOps, a lot is about your taste, feeling, and ideas about how automation should be written and tools should be implemented. There are an infinite number of ways of doing things, this community is a great place to meet new people, share, discuss and learn about different ways of doing Enterprise DevOps.

It is very important to keep this community completely free providing an environment where everyone can learn and seek help.

Enterprise DevOps London manifesto.

·  Exchanging experiences

·  Connecting people so that they can collaborate and work together in the future

·  Providing a place for people to seek support

·  Developing ideas that will support the DevOps discipline within Enterprises

·  Learning new things and providing technical hands-on with some DevOps tools

·  Having fun altogether

How to stay in touch between meetups?

Slack: Join the Enterprise DevOps Community on Slack

Twitter: @enterdevops

I am looking forward to seeing you soon