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Entelechea Holistic Center in Richardson, TX has many in-person events each month. Our goal is to support people on their person growth journey. Are you looking for your tribe? Do you want to connect with like-minded people? If you interested in a holistic approach to life, check out ALL our monthly events.

Aristotle coined the word “Entelechea,” as “potentiality as such”. The term is from the Ancient Greek, it is the combination of the Greek words “enteles” (complete), “telos” (end, purpose, completion), and “echein” (to have). The Entelechea Holistic Center is dedicated to encouraging human potential as “God Seeds” to become the Divine Beings we are. This includes all aspects of Spirit, Mind and Body.

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Kundalini Yoga with Diana Pervo-Slater



Kundalini Yoga is a sacred science and ancient technology that is designed to expand awareness and consciousness and tap into our infinite potential. It is a blend of Bhakti yoga, the yogic practice of devotion and chanting, Raja yoga, the practice of mediation/mental and physical control and Shakti yoga, for the expression of power and energy.

A typical Kundalini yoga class consists of an opening chant known as tuning in. This is followed by a brief warm-up for your spine, a sequence of postures paired with breathing techniques and savasana with a sound bath and closing meditation or song.

Diana uses a combination of Kundalini inspired music, gongs, crystal bowls and her voice to create a deeply relaxing experience.

Price: $20
Prepay required, Venmo: Diana-Slater-2020
For more information: www.facebook.com/kundalinichick

Anu Kri Healing Service


Anu (God) Kri (Energy) is a new healing method for the evolution of humanity. Join us for an evening of healing with Dr. Tricia Seymour (Arianni) & Dr. Rusty Barrier (Oreon). They will be using the Anu Kri healing method given to them by Source to assist in the reduction and removal of aches, pains, fears, and phobias. Anu Kri healing is a new energy process that speeds the individual’s evolution, to align with higher vibrations of this time. Dr. Tricia & Dr. Rusty have merged with Source, been to Samadhi, and then came back to share with metaphysicians a new way to work in the World.

As part of our healing ministry, we believe in healing the mind, body, and emotions. During the energy healing service, we work with your requests to see you whole, complete, and supported. Our connection with Source (the Divine) works within each of us to bring more harmony and balance to our lives. Anu Kri healing energies do just that for each person. Anu Kri energy work has been channeled for this special time of humanities evolution.

Bring your aches, pains, fears, or phobias! Each week we will work with people from the audience. The healing service includes a time for everyone present to participate in healing as we address healing requests people have submitted.

Price: Free / Donations Accepted

Meditation Practice with Dr. Tricia and Dr. Rusty


Mindfulness Meditation is a great way to bring more peace into your life, learn to quiet your mind, and be more present. According to the Buddhists, “Without meditation, a person’s ‘true mind’, or Buddha-nature cannot become visible. It will be obscured by the ordinary mind, which is concerned with daily cares and desires.

Just as sparks of fire become extinguished when separated from fire, beings forget their true spiritual nature when they feel separated from Divine source. Meditation, as per Hindu teachings, is traditionally a tool that enables beings to quiet the disturbances of the mind so that they can tap into their innately Divine nature.

Meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body. Meditation expands your wisdom, compassion, and deep understanding of life that precedes Awakening to Oneness. Join us and find your way Home!

Price: FREE / Donations Accepted

Food as Ally with Gina Briganti



Confused about what to eat? Frustrated with trying to figure it out on your own? Gina has developed a step-by-step program after 17 years as a Nutritional Consultant. Gina also has 15 years as a Wellness Consultant specializing in Reiki and nutrition and is a Reiki Master teacher. Her step-by-step program has helped people empower their relationship with food. Weekly support is the secret to making real and lasting changes.

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Price: $20

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