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Cellular to Cloud via IoT

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Cellular to Cloud via IoT



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As always, it's a pleasure to collaborate with Rio.

Event: Cellular to Cloud via IoT

We'll get an insider's view on trends, protocols, challenges, what works, and how to launch and scale in wearables and enterprise IoT.

We'll also probe what it takes to speed up the whole process: connectivity, cloud integration, network management, etc.

This time, we will ask our panelist to spend a couple of minutes introducing themselves and their company before starting our usual conversation, interspersed with questions and comments from the audience.

Once again, I am excited to have a panelist who is at the nexus of several important technologies and who can bring a out-in-the-real-world perspective to the discussion.

Soracom will have a drawing for a free IoT Starter Kit and other giveaways.


Dr. Kenta Yasukawa is CTO and Co-Founder at Soracom, which provides cloud-native connectivity for IoT. He has helped developers around the world to accelerate, improve, and cost-reduce IoT projects. Before Soracom, Kenta was Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services and a Research Engineer at Ericsson.

We will ask him also about Soracom's "IoT Fast Track" process to help customers across a range of IoT devices.

Live Stream?

Livestream did not work so well last time, but we'll try it again, hopefully having learned some things. We'll post the link here and announce it in a message.

Register Free for SoraCON 2020

Soracom is holding its soraCON 2020 event on Monday, April 13 in San Francisco. It is a full day of IoT sessions and networking.

Use code ENTERPRISEIOT to register for free. But if you think you'll be going, register today before it sells out.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

855 Maude Ave · Mountain View, CA