What we're about

Join us to share insights about the challenges and successes in marketing to the enterprise and all aspects of B2B marketing. Videos of past events are at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8jELIzOAQWVvpeoXcnCMI87x5dEllcG2

Topics include:

- Value Proposition and Messaging

- Category Creation

- Customer Presentations

- Marketing for B2B Startups

- Product Launch Best Practices

- Marketing Lifecycle Management

- Website creation and management

- Collateral and Sales Tools


- Social/Digital/Advertising

- Alignment with sales

- Lead/Demand Generation/Management

- Competitive Intelligence

- Community Creation and Management

- Marketing Mix

- Marketing Automation

- Marketing Metrics and ROI

- Alignment with other functions

- etc.

Anyone with a serious interest in B2B Marketing or engaged in planning or executing marketing programs that target the enterprise customer should consider attending. But if you have just a general interest in the marketing discipline, you will probably find value in several of the sessions.

A few rules and defining characteristics:

- The intent is to form a real community that is valuable and fun. That means: learning, making friends, networking, and having a good time.

- We will keep the discussions real, insightful, and focused on value to you, so no sales pitches.

- We favor moderated panel discussions when possible.

- For panels, we will get your questions in advance and also during the event, so we can make sure we ask good hard questions that teach us something. Plus a short open Q+A at the end.

- Events will be free to attend.

- For in-person events, when we can do those again, we will live-stream through some appropriate channel whenever possible.

- Events may be sponsored but without giving up editorial control. Sponsors may or may not be on the panel or speak.

- For some topics, co-hosting with other appropriate groups would be very good.

What you can do to help:

- suggest topics or panelists.

- sponsor ($$ or space) for future meetups.

Past events (6)

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