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What we’re about

We are a cross-industry, cross-cultural organization for individuals interested in succeeding in all areas of their lives. Our members strive for excellence in business, career, health & wellness, spirituality, relationships, & personal development. Join us if you believe that success is based on the relationships you build in life. In 1997, we started as a small community of entrepreneurs and professinals committed to mutual support. Our events, programs, & initiatives support personal and professional growth through networking, socializing, learning, & recreation. Our members are spirited, like-minded, progressive professionals in pursuit of personal & professional excellence. We have a winning attitude about life; eager to learn, open-minded, progressive, proactive, innovative & cooperative. You can see our upcoming events at If you would like to supercharge the rate at which your are progressing in your business or career then consider taking a more active role in the organization by volunteering. Feel free to introduce yourself to our organizers. After all, it's not who you know, but who knows you and knows you well enough to remember you!