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Welcome! If you're building a new software or tech venture, come play with us!

Entrepreneurs, startup company founders, developers, engineers, marketers, designers, angel investors, world-class experts, venture capitalists, and startup friends of all kinds love the Startup Council’s international networking and educational events.

New to entrepreneurship? Or have an early stage startup idea or software-related venture that's just getting going? The proven coaching of our fun and friendly meetups can help your startup with raising money, product development, strategy, digital marketing, your business plan, investor pitches, and more.

Come join our interactive, fun events offering the latest business intelligence and innovation expertise from California’s Silicon Valley and Stanford University. No boring webinars or stuffy seminars here - we’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn how to start companies, raise money, and grow worldwide!

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Who are we? The Startup Council is a global California-based community service group for startup founders. We’re dedicated to providing timely, engaging events and services that help entrepreneurs build their expertise, relationships, and innovative new companies. We are friendly, diverse, and encourage our members to help each other to accelerate everyone’s startup success.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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By attending all attendees agree to release, indemnify, hold harmless, defend, and pay defense costs for all organizers and affiliates from any and all liability or claims and consent to use and sharing of any photos or videos taken in any media.

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MasterMinds Startup Accelerator Workshop #45 w/ Startup Lawyer Joe Daniels

ENTREPRENEURS: Bring your startup strategy questions and investor pitches to MasterMinds Accelerator Q&A #45 for fun info and networking! GET TICKETS NOW: http://masterminds45.eventbrite.com Bringing you Silicon Valley expertise live from California, the Startup Council's virtual MasterMinds meetings offer tech entrepreneurs, startup employees, founders, service providers, and investors a friendly place to share growth company challenges, expertise, and experience. Together we discuss fundraising, strategy, marketing, IT, legal, angel investing, design, staffing, product development, venture capital, and growth hacking problems in order to develop better solutions together. Plus, this month Guest Speaker Startup Attorney Joe Daniels of McCarter & English will join us LIVE from New York. Joe’s an expert at helping startups. He’ll give a quick talk about legal issues that startup founders need to know, PLUS he'll stick around to participate in our MasterMinds Q&A discussions and give feedback on your investor pitch practices, too. NOT your typical boring webinar: Interactive MasterMinds Workshops help founders learn to start, raise money for, and succeed with high growth startup ideas. They offer the best networking, educational, and relationship building opportunities of any online workshop you've ever attended + NO SALES PITCHES! ** FREE TICKETS TO THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE WHO SHARE A STARTUP QUESTION OR PITCH FOR FRIENDLY FEEDBACK. Use this quick form to submit for a FREE promo code: https://bit.ly/MMSquestions OR buy a ticket just to watch, network, and learn how it's done from Silicon Valley and Stanford experts: http://masterminds45.eventbrite.com A FREE RSVP ON MEETUP IS NOT ENOUGH TO ATTEND THESE PAID PRIVATE EVENTS. PLEASE REGISTER ASAP ! [FREE TICKETS: Members of the MasterMinds Founders Forum, Tech Coast Angels, or Executive/Premium members of the OC Startup Council attend FREE. Just email us for the comp code!] AGENDA 5:00pm PT Making Friends Intros (8:00pm ET) 5:15pm PT Guest Speaker Joe Daniels, McCarter & English (8:15pm ET) 5:30pm PT Moderated Q&A Group Discussion (8:30pm ET) 6:15pm PT Networking Breaks (9:15pm ET) 6:30pm PT Investor Pitch Practices (9:30pm ET) 7:00pm PT Follow up with new friends (10:00pm ET) SPONSORS Joe Daniels, McCarter & English Attorneys at Law Expert legal counsel to startups and investors nationwide on company formation, financing, growth, and exit. The McCarter team is globally renowned for high quality representation of entrepreneurial enterprises and the investors who support them. Tech Coast Angels (TCA) The largest angel investor group in the US, TCA members have fueled the growth of innovative companies and entrepreneurs in Southern California with over $200 million invested in more than 400 companies since 1997. MasterMinds Startup Founders Forum The friendliest online community dedicated to helping early stage startup founders raise money and grow their startups. Free Trial: https://www.MasterMindsForum.com MODERATOR Scott Fox, CEO of the Startup Council Chairman of Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs OC 3x Best-selling Entrepreneurship Author, Serial Internet Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Angel Investor, Nice Guy. Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Fox_(author) Books: http://www.ScottFoxBooks.com CAN'T MAKE THIS ONE? JOIN THE FREE MAILING LIST FOR FUTURE EVENTS AT http://StartupCouncil.org By attending all attendees agree to release, indemnify, hold harmless, defend, and pay defense costs for all organizers from any and all liability or claims and consent to use and sharing in any media of any photos or videos taken. THESE PAID PRIVATE VIRTUAL EVENTS SELL OUT EVERY TIME - SO PLEASE REGISTER ASAP! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: http://masterminds45.eventbrite.com

Proven Startup Success Strategies Workshop

Starting your own business and building your first company can be easier and more fun with friends! Come join our friendly entrepreneur coaching Q&A workshops to move your startup forward farther and faster. Experienced entrepreneurs and investors mingle with startup veterans, newbies, and local startup service providers, too. Let's do this! Date and location TBD.

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Let's talk Startups and How to Grow Your Tech Venture...

Startup Networking & Fun! Raising money, developing winning products, finding product/market fit, scaling your team, tech stack, and revenues - There's always more to learn with today's software and tech businesses! Come do some fun networking with our friendly group of startup founders, entrepreneurs, Internet experts, marketers, designers, angel investors, venture capitalists, and friends to advance your knowledge and accelerate your startup business! Free Tickets: Join our free startup events email list for a free ticket, too: http://www.startupeventnews.com Our events are perfect for anyone with a tech startup company who would like to share experiences or challenges in a friendly, problem-solving format. Led from California by experts from Silicon Valley and Stanford University, our goal is to help more founders worldwide learn how to start, raise money for, and succeed with high growth startup ideas. - Scott Fox & Your Friends at the Startup Council http://www.StartupCouncil.org

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