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Are you concerned about San Diego's environmental Issues? Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? You know something needs to be done but you don't know where to start and meet like minded individuals. This group is organized to share ideas and events organized in the San Diego County area. Please feel free to... - Add questions/ideas to the message board and lets start a discussion. - Share and promote any ideas for an event or know of an event in San Diego - Share an idea to poll the members or documents to share Purpose of this meetup: - To educate members and the community about issues facing San Diego's environment, - To share and organize local events that positively impact and protect nature. So, why not? Do something extraordinary! Come and join this group and take part in some events that you are passionate about. If you would like to help moderate this group, please let me know (Laura). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" (Ancient Indian Proverb)

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Climate Action Training 101 - SD Green New Deal Alliance

This event is being hosted by the San Diego Green New Deal Alliance.
Website: https://www.greennewdealsd.org/

Learn how you can take action to win a Green New Deal in your community! Learn about updates to the San Diego Climate Action Plan and opportunities for advancing climate justice, green jobs, and environmental protections for working class communities of color.

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k6FeZHT6vrNcqwh7mg3a1wFr_B4Y5Zk-rra-25ZOg3M/viewform?ts=615359f9&edit_requested=true

NCCCA Virtual Networking Meeting

Online event

The North County Climate Change Alliance invites you to join our monthly networking event.

Please register here:

This meeting is open to individuals and groups who are concerned about climate change. We also welcome those who are looking to learn more about climate change and for opportunities to become more involved.
The format is a casual round robin discussion. Participants have the chance to share what they (or the groups they belong to) are doing and any upcoming events or announcements. You are not required to share anything, listening and taking in what others have to say is fine too.

There is no charge for this online event but please register in advance. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Huge Renewable Energy Opportunities!

Online event

Register Here:

Solar power is by far the cheapest source of electricity available these days, beating coal, natural gas, and nuclear in your checkbook. But if the solar power is placed far away from the end user, these low prices are dwarfed by transmission costs and grid losses. Far away no longer makes sense. So, what are the solutions?

Please join us to hear from Dr. Phil Watts about a prospective North County renewable energy project at Markel Reservoir, Carlsbad and as well as other nearby projects. While these projects are located here in San Diego County the approach could be used worldwide!

While the private sector brings significant technical skills, there needs to be a public-private partnership to expedite these projects. Learn how we can be a part of the team to promote this collaboration, to save money, create jobs, advance the use of renewable energy, and mitigate the climate crisis!

Local CCAs (Community Choice Aggregation) such as the Clean Energy Alliance are in a position to bring hundreds of millions of dollars into their cities, with local jobs, local energy resiliency, lower energy prices, and additional city revenue. This is true community power!

We will also hear from Dave Rosenfeld, who is the Executive Director of the Solar Rights Alliance. He will update us on the current efforts underway to save rooftop solar.

(PG&E, So Cal Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric are lobbying the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make consumer solar twice as expensive than it is today. The CPUC is expected to make a decision by the end of this year. If you were following the now-defeated AB 1139, the CPUC is where this issue will get settled.)


About the speaker:

Phil Watts, PhD, serves as the CEO of Resource Renewable Energy, Inc., founded to achieve his unique vision of customized energy platforms meeting community energy needs. Dr. Watts is responsible for sourcing and structuring new projects, as well overseeing the development, operations, and maintenance of portfolio projects. Dr. Watts has applied his innovation and leadership in the renewable energy sector for over 15 years by holding executive roles at several renewable energy companies. Dr. Watts holds a degree in aeronautical engineering from McGill University and earned his PhD in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the California Institute of Technology.

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Faiths 4 Climate Justice Rally

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