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Epiq360 is a wellness & longevity platform, that offers a highly curated, science-based selection of content, products & experiences integrating the mind, body & spirit, to help anyone optimize & upgrade their physical and mental performance.

We use a 360-degree approach to learn, experiment and discover: what are the simplest things you can do to be the greatest version of yourself? We promise to optimize your daily life by breaking down the latest science from holistic nutrition, nature, biohacking, longevity, and fitness while providing actionable tips, tools, experiences and products that are both affordable and accessible to everyone. These include but are not limited to flow hacks, smart supplements, wellness gadgets, performance-based nutrition, longevity retreats & masterminds and biohacking protocols. Expect free webinars, monthly performance academy session, youtube and podcast programming, and more in the coming weeks and months.

Founded by Aman Merchant, a serial-parallel entrepreneur who is passionately committed to high-performance and optimizing his own mental and physical performance, the epiq360 movement is all part of a bigger vision of enabling 25 million humans to have 25 additional years of optimal living by 2030. We imagine an abundant world where both physical and mental health is optimized.






https://epiq360.world (https://epiq360.world/)

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CAMPUS. INCUBATOR. INNOVATION LAB. We offer the campus, the pre-incubator, and the global network to support innovators. This is the place to get things done, alongside and with the people who can inspire and help you. This is the place for you to help shape our world.

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Epiq Thursdays with Aman

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Epiq Thursdays with Aman

Online event

Epiq Thursdays with Aman

Online event

Epiq Thursdays

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