ERIE presents: 3rd Annual Women's Entheogenic Symposium


Please join ERIE for our 3rd Annual Women's Entheogenic Symposium in Namaste Hall at CIIS. Doors open at 6pm, event begins promptly at 6:10pm. Please come early to make sure you have a seat!

6:10-6:20: opening with Dr. Natalie


6:20-6:50: Sarah Maiden:

21st Century Guide to Cross-Cultural Ceremonial Initiation.

Sarah Maiden is a writer from San Francisco and Maui. Having studied ritual for years, participated in ceremonies in numerous countries with varying themes and entheogens, and influenced by the 13 Grandmothers Council, she believes in the prophecies of this time in history. Many are trying with few proficient guides. Here are guidelines to help you create appropriate initiation rituals wherever you are on the path, regards of what methods and entheogenic substances, cultural trappings, or ceremonial elements you do or do not use. This presentation is many things I wish I'd known before ceremonial initiation, plus tools to help integrate afterwards. It is an excellent starting point for exploring your ideas about ceremony, entheogens, and integration.

6:55-7:25: The Republic of Light: (

THE METAPHORIC SHIFT: Integrating entheogens through Filmmaking

Touching upon:

• Documenting an invisible reality

• Archetypal communication, the WILD WOMAN being the main one

• Bringing ceremony back into our lives

• Conciliating two paradigms: indigenous and contemporary entheogenic relations

• The meta-journey. Transforming ourselves through living the film.

Republic of Light is a holistic media collective recreating the form of storytelling towards the re-evolution of human consciousness. These creations support social needs reflecting upon interconnectedness, respect for life & death and liberation from dysfunctional paradigms. We are serving as a vehicle for the metaphoric shift. We are developing a film project called To the Origin that is inspiring us to adopt a nomadic way of birthing documentaries. We live and create in a resilient mini school bus converted into a mobile statement of intuitive feminine practices. May we all let The Mother in.

The film: To the Origin

Plants & Fungi are part of our cultural ancestry. They catalyze a map of consciousness reconciling humanity with the Wild Archaic Mind.

To the Origin is a surreal documentary exploring the intentional human connection with Sacred Plants & Fungi around the Americas. It pollinates indigenous knowledge and contemporary eco-therapeutical approaches to bloom an integral understanding of ourselves as Nature.
This documentary is fractalized into three autonomous chapters & shared internationally at interactive screening events.

The film is devoted to Entheogenics from the Americas: Ayahuasca brew, Peyote, San Pedro cactus & Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Each chapter navigates into a sea of visions, dreams, and radical ways of healing with the entheogenic guidance of a plant. An indigenous healer takes us through an extraordinary journey revealing an ancient cultural path To the Origin.Their real life stories inspire ours as we live the mystery of their plant technologies.As the narrative develops, we are lifted into numinous realms manifested in symbolic imagery. These scenes are an interpretation of transcendental states of consciousness portrayed by archetypical characters and places. Surrealism and performance arts are the main sources of stylistic inspiration, proposing an intuitive way of weaving documentaries.

7:30-8:00 Magenta Imagination Healer:

Planet Medicine: Entheogenic Activism and the Evolver Network

This talk will explore some facets of entheogenic activism. As more and more people globally are reconnecting with plant medicines, how are communities integrating the individual transformative experience with collective well-being and responsibility? Magenta will give an introduction to how the Evolver Network serves to connect activist efforts with spiritual wisdom and sustainable business.

Magenta is the executive director of TEN (The Evolver Network), an artist, healer and musician. She has been studying permaculture finance and collective marketing to help scale up the practices people need to adopt to rebalance our relationship with our bioregional ecosystems. She hosts the Evolver Network podcast and founded HiveMind, an urban festival and community think tank.

The Evolver Network is re-launching now with a new collective leadership and clarified focus. TEN's theme this quarter is Planet Medicine - you can participate by posting a photo of yourself on social media with your favorite herbal medicine along with the hashtag #planetmedicine. Through March 31, local Evolver Spores will be hosting events that draw out the connections among herbalism, entheogens, habitat restoration and social justice issues facing Indigenous folks. ( (

and Keynote speaker:

8:10-9:10 Diana Slattery:

Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Are language and consciousness co-evolving? Can psychedelic experience cast light on this topic? In the Western world, we stand at the dawn of the psychedelic age with advances in neuroscience; a proliferation of new psychoactive substances, both legal and illegal; the anthropology of ayahuasca use; and new discoveries in ethnobotany.

Xenolinguistics, as framed by Diana Slattery, is the study of linguistic phenomena encountered by psychonauts in altered states of consciousness. These phenomena run the gamut from voiced forms of glossolalia and bird-like languages, to the production of elaborate symbolic systems. Xenolinguistics documents the author's eleven-year adventure of psychonautic exploration and scholarly research; her original intent was to understand a symbolic language system, Glide, she acquired in an altered state of consciousness. What began as a deeply personal search, led to the discovery of others, dubbed xenolinguists, with their own unique linguistic objects and ideas about language from the psychedelic sphere. The search expanded, sifting through fields of knowledge such as anthropology and neurophenomenology to build maps and models to contextualize these experiences. The book presents a collection of these linguistic artifacts, washed ashore like messages in bottles, signals from Psyche and the alien Others who populate her hyperdimensional landscapes.

“Effing the ineffable—how to communicate the wordless unspeakable, think the preconceptual, visualize the invisible, symbolize the powerful-vague—psychedelicists and other travelers to other realms of consciousness have been stumped by these topics for millennia. By collecting current and historical examples, Slattery’s Xenolinguistics tackles these conundrums, applies current consciousness theories, and sheds light into these esoteric corners of human communication. Xenolinguistics challenge its readers to wrestle with these topics and to pursue further explorations. The result? A sort of psychedelic psycholinguistics plus an ineffable more.”

—Thomas Roberts, PhD, author of The Psychedelic Future of the Mind

DIANA REED SLATTERY was born in time to compile a full 60s resume: civil rights photojournalism, peace marching, cults and communes. Social justice, self-exploration, and LSD went hand in hand. She went on to co-found an ecologically oriented K-12 school with working farm, dairy, livestock, and forestry that held the first renewable energy conference in Oregon. She later continued her career by founding, funding, and managing a series of not-for-profit organizations. In 1999, in an altered state of consciousness, she acquired a strange, alien script, Glide, beginning a ten-year psychonautic investigation of linguistic phenomena in the psychedelic sphere. Out of this solo—and secret—adventure came a novel, The Maze Game, a million words of session reports, software to work with the language, and a PhD in xenolinguistics. Slattery lives in California, and has presented her work at numerous art, technology, consciousness, and psychedelic conferences over the past 15 years.