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18:30 - 18:35 Opening
18:35 - 19:05 Marcin Kosinski: Segmentation with NMF decomposition
19:10 - 19:45 Michał Burdukiewicz: Full Stack Data Science in R
19:50 - pizza + afterparty

# Descriptions

## Segmentation using NMF decomposition

From the nowadays segmentation, we require them to follow below features:
- it should be balanced,
- segments should be distinctive,
- the discovered over and under indexed features within segments should create a meaningful story,
- and in the best case the amount of differentiative factors that drives segmentation should be small.

The last requirement often is a bottleneck in the scenario of a survey where respondents are asked enormous amount of questions.

The solution, one from many, to this use case can be the nonnegative matrix factorization that in a one attempt segments respondents and their features!

I'll present concept of the NMF decomposition and I'll present applications in R, with the explanation of diagnostic plots.

Working with high dimensional data? Often facing the need to group observations? That's a good presentation for you.

## Full Stack Data Science in R

Data science requires more than just sufficient statistical knowledge to create a model. Data, often obtained from different sources, must be purified, combined and unified, dry analysis results visualized and the model itself made available in a form accessible to the client. The R environment provides tools to support every stage of this process: from data collection through model development to the development of web applications. During my talk, I will present three packages improving the quality of the full stack data science in R: drake, mlr and shinyproxy.

# Speakers bio

Marcin Kosiński has a master degree in Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis specialty. Challenges seeker and devoted R language enthusiast. In the past, keen on the field of large-scale online learning and various approaches to personalized news article recommendation.
Community events host: organizer of Why R? conferences.
Interested in R packages development and survival analysis models. Currently explores and improves methods for quantitative marketing analyses and global surveys at Gradient Metrics.

Michał Burdukiewicz - bioinformatician affiliated with Warsaw University of Technology, founder of Why R? Foundation and Wrocław R Users Group (STWUR), CEO of .prot.

# Sponsors

The event will be sponsored by Why R? Foundation.