Extending AWS with Erlang

Virtual  BEAM Meetup GMT - Erlang, Elixir and more!
Virtual BEAM Meetup GMT - Erlang, Elixir and more!
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Erlang Solutions

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We are a 5 minute walk from Aldgate East and a 10 minute walk from Shadwell Overground station.

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It's already time to reveal our next meetup for the chilly month of October!

18:30 - Doors open + beer + pizza
19:00 - Introductions
19:15 - Extending AWS with Erlang - Torben Hoffmann
20:15 - Finish!
20:30 - ESL Pub Ritual


#About The Talk

Working with AWS can bring many benefits, but what do you do when you need something that AWS isn't offering?

At Alert Logic we realised that most of our teams would be needing the same kind of not-provided-by-AWS functionality, so we decided to craft our own - for a lack of a better word - platform to solve the problem for all teams in one go.

AWS Lambda is a wonderful model for doing functional programming in the cloud, but it has its limitations. Limitations that affect multiple teams at Alert Logic.

This talk is about the specifics of the AWS Lambda shortcomings and how we have chosen to address them.

Apart from looking at what we have done, this talk will also dwell upon how we have done it and what mistakes we have learnt from in the process. Plus, as always, a few rants about what not to do when using Erlang.


#Our Speaker - Torben Hoffmann

Like any engineer worth his salt, Torben enjoys solving problems, especially the ones that require Erlang. Previously, Torben worked for Basho, Erlang Solutions and Motorola. He has over 10 years experience working with Erlang and enjoys doing offensive programming...

Torben is a distinguished speaker having spoken at various conferences: Erlang User Conference, Codemesh, BuildStuff, Lambda Days, Craft, NDC, QCon London, GOTO.

#Our Speaker Specialises In...

New technology introduction, protocols, software architecture & design, software development, Erlang architecture and implementation, property-based testing, people management, process improvement, CMM(I), Quality Assurance.

We look forward to seeing you as always!