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Mapping Elixir & other BEAM languages to Erlang and Mutation Testing with Elixir

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Our next Virtual BEAM Meetup GMT bringing together the community in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas is happening Thursday December 3rd with two presentations on Mutation Testing and transpiling Elixir and other BEAM languages to Erlang. BYOB, Coffee & Orange Juice, lots of passion, curiosity and desire to learn and share. Start time is 6pm GMT (London), 7pm CET (Paris, Stockholm), 1pm EST (New York) and 10am PST (San Francisco, Vancouver). After the talks, come and demo your libraries or share your experiences in the breakout rooms.

Meetup links will be made available closer to the date, but remember that to access them, you need to register before the meetup starts. If new to the group, please sign up with your full name and photo. Due to past incidents, we vet every user joining the group, a necessary when you allow everyone to unmute themselves, as well as verified zoom accounts. Aliases will not be let into the meeting.

Schedule (all times are in GMT):

6.00pm: Welcome
6.05pm: Mariano Guerra - Transpiling languages on the BEAM
6.35pm: Devon Estes - Getting Started with Mutation Testing in Elixir using Muzak
7.05pm-late: We will break up into themed rooms. This month, one will be dedicated to languages on the BEAM where you can ask questions on Effene and the other BEAM languages and their implementation. The second room will be dedicated to show and tell, where you can demo libraries and other cool applications, obviously starting with a mutation testing demo. The main room will be an open room where you can chat about anything.

Title: Mapping Elixir and other BEAM languages to Erlang

Abstract: A language family is a group of languages related through descent from a common ancestral language or parental language, called the proto-language of that family. What's the proto-language of the BEAM, the root language shared by all languages on the VM? How close are these languages to each other, and if they are close, is a transpiler just a pretty printer?

Biography: Mariano Guerra is interested in programming language development, distributed systems and making computing accessible to everyone. Co founder of and, creator of the Efene Programming Language (the third language on the BEAM after Erlang and Reia), emesene instant messenger and author of the Little Riak Core Book.

Title: Getting Started with Mutation Testing in Elixir using Muzak

Abstract m: How do you know when you've written enough tests? If you're using code coverage based on lines of code, like most teams do, then you're probably missing quite a lot of tests! Luckily a technique called Mutation Testing can help us find those gaps in our test suites so we can prevent regressions and ship fewer bugs to production. In this talk, I'll show a bit about what Mutation Testing is, how it works, the kinds of problems it can find for us, and give a demo of a new Mutation Testing library that I've released called Muzak.

Bio: Devon Estes is a freelance software engineer focusing on Ruby and Elixir. He is also passionate about open source, and is a maintainer of Benchee and the Elixir track on Away from the computer he's a husband, father and chess player.
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