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WiMLDS's mission is to support and promote women and gender minorities who are practicing, studying or are interested in the fields of machine learning and data science. We create opportunities for members to engage in technical and professional conversations in a positive, supportive environment by hosting talks by women and gender minority individuals working in data science or machine learning, technical workshops, networking events and hackathons. We are inclusive to anyone who supports our cause regardless of gender identity or technical background. However, in support of our mission, priority for certain events and opportunities will be given to women and gender minority members.

Our Code of Conduct ( https://github.com/WiMLDS/starter-kit/wiki/Code-of-conduct ) is available online and applies to all our spaces, both online and off.

• Follow @wimlds ( https://twitter.com/wimlds ) on Twitter for general WiMLDS news or visit http://wimlds.org ( http://wimlds.org/ ) to learn about our chapters in other cities.

• Women & gender minorities are invited to join the global WiMLDS Slack group by sending an email to slack@wimlds.org.

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Graph Databases

Babbel | Lesson Nine GmbH

Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS) in Berlin! WiMLDS meetups aim to inspire, educate, regardless of gender, and support women and gender minorities in the field. All genders may attend our meetup. Agenda: 18:30 Arrival and network 19:00 Introduction to WiMLDS activities 19:10 A talk on Graph databases by Oxana Goriuc 19:40 Q&A 19:50 Open mic +women to share experiences and initiatives 20:00 Network Our speaker, Oxana Goriuc is a Data Scientist at Fraugster (https://fraugster.com/). The company fights fraud in online payments, using AI technology, which eliminates fraudulent transactions in real time. Oxana is currently working on the implementation of a graph database for the fraud solutions. She recently started her career in Data Science (her previous experience is in Retail Management and Accounting) and will be happy to share with you her learning path and tips for career change. Oxana will talk about Graph databases, a NoSQL database, that uses graph structures for the data representation. A graph stores a collection of objects (nodes), connected with edges, which represent the relationship between them. Graph databases are particularly helpful in Fraud Detection, Social Media Networks, Recommendation systems, Identity and Access Management and enable the Machine Learning on Graphs. In this hands-on session we'll go through the deployment milestones of DGraph (an open source graph database), data load a small dataset, review its query language and the visualization tool. By the end of this talk you'll have the essential knowledge to develop the graph database on your own. Lastly, if you’d like to give a talk, workshop or a lightning talk at this or future meet ups, please get in touch with us [masked] we also offer support for first time speakers. We are also looking for venues to host our meetups. Please also get in touch if you or your company might be able to help give us a space for a future event.

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