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This group is a place to meet other developers and ops engineers using HashiCorp tools within London! We'll be sharing knowledge on the use of all of the current tooling: Terraform, Packer, Atlas, Nomad, Vagrant, Otto, Consul, Terraform and Vault. We want to give developers and operators that are using these tools in the real world chance to share their experiences. You can learn more about HashiCorp at https://hashicorp.com/ . All slides from talks can be found at http://www.slideshare.net/LondonHashiCorpUs...

We are always looking for interesting and exciting talks for our meetups. If you have something that you want to speak about please get in touch here - https://goo.gl/forms/9hYcSn87JRmuXS662

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Hi Everyone! I would like to invite everyone to our next event in November and I am really pleased to announce that Trainline will be hosting the night along with food and drinks. Details: 18:30 - Arrive - Food, Drinks and socialising (Thank You Trainline) 19:00 - Intro from our host Trainline 19:15 - Talk 1 - Enterprise Machine Identities with Venafi, Vault & Terraform Carl Bourne - Global Solutions Architect In the new world of highly dynamic and ephemeral applications, services and workloads it is becoming increasingly more important for these services to be bound to either enterprise or publicly trusted identity services. The ability to fully automate X.509 key and certificate lifecycles for all entities are critical to establishing and maintaining identity and secure inter/intra communication within these environments. However, providing fast fully automated processes that enable this whilst complying with organisational security policies is challenging for both developers and information security teams alike. This talk will discuss how machine identities that establish an enterprise or public trust can be automatically bound to containers, workloads, and services using Vault and Terraform. It will demonstrate how X.509 certificates become first-class citizens and how developers can easily access this using low code/no code concepts from within their toolchains. 19:45 - Talk 2 - Terraforming in a Serverless World Marcos Lilljedahl - Head of IT Operations @ ZEIT Marcos will showcase the different challenges and patterns learned through provisioning both static and dynamic content in AWS Lambda through Terraform. Covering good practices across providers and provisioners to handle Lambda packaging, state management, and consistency. After this Marcos will go on to explain the creation of a provider to implement the workflow at ZEIT. 20:30 - Remaining food, drinks and off to the Pub! ******** We are always looking for speakers to present their own experiences with the HashiCorp toolset. If you think you have a good topic then we would like to hear about it. Please get in touch through our speakers form - https://goo.gl/forms/BomWAjwOquooVUkO2 ********

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