What we're about

Enterprise Search London is a meetup for anyone interested in building search and discovery experiences — from intranet search and site search, to advanced discovery applications and beyond.

Disclaimer: This meetup is NOT about SEO or search engine marketing.

What people are saying:

"Join this meetup if you have a passion for enterprise search and user experience that you would like to share with other able-minded practitioners." — Vegard Sandvold
"Full marks for vision and execution. Looking forward to the next Meetup." — Martin White
“Consistently excellent” — Helen Lippell

Past speakers:

Stephen Arnold, Arnold IT
Martin Belam, The Guardian
Jeremy Bentley, SmartLogic
Stephen Dunn, The Guardian
Gregory Grefenstette, Exalead
Jon Handler, Amazon CloudSearch
Charlie Hull, Flax
Grant Ingersoll, LucidWorks
Udo Kruschwitz, Essex University
Stefan Olafsson, Twigkit
Lee Pollington, MarkLogic
Tony Russell-Rose, Endeca
Vegard Sandvold, Comperio
Martina Schell, Travelmatch.co.uk
Graham Tackley, The Guardian
Tyler Tate, Twigkit
Upayavira, SourceSense
Martin White, Intranet Focus
Max Wilson, Swansea University

Past events (19)

April 2014 Enterprise Search Europe Social

The Marquis of Westminster

March 2014 Meetup Featuring Bloomberg and Elasticsearch


July 2013 Meetup Featuring Grant Ingersoll

The Betjamin Arms

Vendor focus: Amazon CloudSearch

Hand & Flower