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What we’re about

Since 2016, Escape Your Everyday has established itself as one of the leading outdoor adventure and hiking groups with over 12000 active members from the Thames Valley, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Surrey, London and the surrounding areas.

Every week the team at Escape Your Everyday organises a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, trail riding, canoeing, paddleboarding and more. We organise weekend trips  and group holidays away both in the UK and abroad.
The Group is run by a core team of dedicated members with the sole aim of helping others to enjoy being more active and getting outdoors. If you want to meet up with other outdoor enthusiasts, improve your fitness or just want to try something new and meet like minded people who have a shared love of the outdoors, then come and join our group.

Our success comes from the friendly and welcoming nature of everyone you will meet and our commitment that every event will be organised to the highest professional standard.

Escape Your Everyday and get active outdoors!
Do you sit at your desk or when you're commuting wishing this year you could escape the boring mundane and get away on a weekend or holiday that would be filled with fun, adventure and try something new with like minded enthusiasts? Have you always wanted to try different sporting activities without having to join a specific club or join in on a challenge with a group of like-minded enthusiasts? Who we are?
We've been organising club trips, challenges and events for a number of years. We realised that everyone who enjoys being active outdoors has an interest in trying different sports but not necessarily wanting to compete at any club or competition level. We finally decided to put together a group with a focus on trying different outdoor activities along with some trips and challenges that are fun, exciting and above all else, suitable for any age group or ability. We will be organising a range of taster events from single days and weekends throughout the year for anyone to come along and try a new outdoor activity. This will give you an insight into to what it will be like to come along on one of our Escape Your Everyday trips and challenges.

What do we do?
We organise a wide variety of weekend activities for everyone to join in, such as trail walking, hiking, climbing road cycling and off road biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, paddling on the Thames - plus much more. We also organise adventures and challenges not just in the UK but all over Europe, catering for all abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never hiked, biked, paddled or skied before, we can accommodate you as long as you have a basic level of fitness and a desire to get outdoors. Our Activity Leaders are highly experienced and will be on hand to advise and support you throughout the event and to ensure your activity experience with us is a smooth one. 

Why we do it? 
Finding the motivation to get outdoors on your own every week is not always easy and often it's hard to find friends or are able to join in. By setting up this group, we have created an active outdoors social club of like minded individuals. We’re passionate about getting outdoor, being active and trying new challenges and we want to create the largest outdoors social group in the area. We have spent a lot of time planning some really exciting challenges for our members, such as the Three Peaks Challenge, London to Paris Off Road Bike ride, Coast to Coast Hike and Bike, Cycling Mount Ventoux and Provence, Paddle the Thames and the river Severn, Hiking in the French Alps or Spanish Pyrenees. We’re confident you’ll find our challenge trips fun and above all an amazing social experience where you’ll meet new friends.

"Don't limit your challenges - challenge your limits"

We hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Happy Adventures!
Escape Your Everyday Team

How to contact the Organisers
Call: 01344 989666