What we're about

This a Tokyo area group for people who want to make REAL friends & connections while they are in Japan. We can do affordable Tokyo activities while doing language & culture exchange. Let's make a fun & awesome community together! We will do activities such as social gatherings, picnics, ethnic restaurant meetups, Karaoke, Language exchange, Culture exchange, cooking parties, day trips, outdoor events, BBQs, Japanese cultural events, Volunteer opportunities, Live music, Dancing, Art events, and other related things!


Event Host or Organizer Policy:

1 - Do NOT contact Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias with demands or asking for special favors if your Event is unpopular or not attractive to OUR members.

2 - Do NOT appoint other Members as Event Hosts & then "Leave" the Event.

3 - DO not post an Event if you ARE a part of a Business, or if it is your Job, or Charity Event WITHOUT notifying Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias, first.

4 - Do NOT post Multiple Events for the Same calendar date at the Same time on the same group!

5 - Do NOT send SPAM emails or Messages to OUR Members.

6 - Do NOT harass our Members in any Way

7 - DO NOT disrespect other Organizers or Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias.

8 - DO NOT Solicit or promote your Brand or Business without Consent of Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias

Being an Event Host or Organizer is a Privilege NOT a Right. This Status can be REVOKED at ANY time.

**FAILURE to follow these reasonable Rules will result in the LOSS of your Event Host or Organizer privilege

Following LOSS of privilege:

Any of your Future Event Postings will be subject to FINAL approval & then posted by Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias himself.



Following our strict 3 Strikes - unique Meetup Group Policy of "No-Shows", I cannot let you RSVP for tomorrow night's event and any other Events for at least 1 week.

If you want join at any another Event after that time, then please feel free to Message me that you want to attend and can actually confirm your Physical presence at this specific Event.

Please respect the Hard work as well as the Time & Energy that goes into be an Organizer in our Tokyo Community.

Thank you so much for your Cooperation & understanding!


Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias

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🌸 Tokyo Sakura Adventure 🌸

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KARAOKE PARTY ! Meet & Sing ! #1

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Needs a location

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