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What we’re about

We are an Auckland-based group of Esperanto speakers who come together to chat and have fun. Everyone is welcome - no matter their speaking level - and our meetups are a perfect opportunity to get language tips and speaking practice!
If you're a visitor from overseas, this is a great chance to meet with the local group, so be sure to say hi!
Se vi estas eksterlanda vizitanto, estas bonega okazo kunveni kun la loka Esperantistaro, do bv. saluti nin!
Esperanto is a planned language with over 130 years of history. While it doesn't belong to a single nation, it is spoken around the world. It can be learned on-the-go with Duolingo, and some studies even suggest that learning Esperanto can speed up progress in other languages. For a relatively young language, it has a large base of translated and original literature, music and even radio shows. Feel free to message us for more information - or better yet, come along to a meetup and hear it for yourself!