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What we’re about

The Group Formerly Known As "Sushi, Sake, and Beyond"...then Formerly Known as "Sushi & Beyond - Triangle Ethnic Dining" (SB-TED).

I changed the name (again) because we do so much more than sushi and I found that some people who were interested in ethnic dining thought we were just (or mostly) a sushi group and were disinclined to join us.

The goal of the Adeventures in Triangle Ethnic Cuisine group is to bring together fun people  who share a love of ethnic food, whether it be sushi or other Asian (Indian, Nepali, Laotian,  Japanese of the non-sushi variety, Chinese and Taiwanese), Mexican, Italian and other European, Mediterranean in its various flavors (Greek, Turkish, Lebanese), and even Cajun.  

Dining events are dining parties celebrating the cuisine, the venue, and - most importantly - the people with whom we are sharing the experience.

We try to host at least 2-5 events a month from Raleigh to Chapel Hill, and points in between.  Let us know your favorite places or those places you want to try (or retry!) with the group.

Great restaurants - great food - great people - great times! 

Come join us!