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What we’re about

Interested in playing Euchre? Been to other groups and when you ask about Euchre, they look at you funny? You try to explain it and they just don't get it? Or, you heard about the game and want to give it a try ... This group is for you. 

Card players in the St Louis area looking to play Euchre is what we do. There is usually a game held each week, sometimes more than one. Games are held throughout the St Louis area, and we're looking to host more to give everyone in all areas a chance to come out and play. 

Periodically we hold small tournaments that help pay for the fees and sometimes for charities. Tournaments are welcome to all skill levels, not just the "better" players. Another chance to meet some other Euchre players and win some cash & prizes as well.

The PAGES section of site has more information about the Group, Euchre, Tournaments, Rules, etc.  Check it out for more info.

If you would like to schedule an event, let the organizers know and we'll get it posted for you. In the future as the group grows, we'll allow members to post as well.

We also have a facebook page at ... We'll be updating that with our events as well.  Please join it also.  

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