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What we’re about

Welcome to this discussion group for the introspective and those that enjoy pondering the inponderables. We hope to plunder the depths of life's questions and pursue the elusive meaning of existence. If you enjoy delving into the profound aspects of human experience and engaging in thoughtful conversations that go beyond small talk, then this group could be right up your street (literally or metaphorically)!

We are an informal, friendly gathering of individuals passionate about considering some of the head scratchers that have captivated thinkers throughout history. Whether you're a seasoned philosopher or simply someone with a curious mind and an open heart, you are most welcome to join our discussions. No prior knowledge of philosophical schools of thought or famous philosophers is required – all you need is a willingness to listen attentively and contribute respectfully to the conversation, be that with your own questions, or perhaps your own insights.

Our meetups are held online, allowing us to connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe, should they be available and happy to listen to a primarily British accent. While the group was set up with a focus on the wonderful folk of Exeter, we encourage participants from all corners of the world to join us, as our virtual setting knows no geographical bounds. Who knows? You might even forge connections with fellow philosophy enthusiasts in your own local community! Currently the meetups will be in English only, but if enough demands are made, we can consider getting closed captions for attendees with other language requirements.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and engage in stimulating, open-minded discussions, come and join us. We look forward to welcoming you, whether you're a regular participant or a first-time attendee. Each session is a unique experience, and we value the fresh perspectives and insights that every individual brings to the table.


Want to help support the ongoing running costs of the groups, but don't know how? Don't worry, I've got you covered. ;) I've created a low cost way to contribute to help keep the lights on at BuyMeACoffee/Book.

Thank you very much. <3

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