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"An essay on the new existentialism" by Colin Wilson (1980)
If you don't have a Kindle don't despair... Kindle apps can be downloaded for mobiles and Kindle books can be read on Windows computers or Chromebooks using the online reader. The only place this text seems to be readily available is at the Kindle webstore for £4.24 We're going to have a general discussion on Colin Wilson's views about existentialism, as described in this short 16-page text. From the Amazon Kindle Page: Inspired by an “instinctive dislike of Sartre’s pessimism, and of the kind of gloom being purveyed by Samuel Beckett, Graham Greene, William Golding et al”, Wilson’s essay forms a refreshingly lucid, succinct and optimistic philosophical statement and produces the framework for his own ‘new’ existentialism. Employing Husserl’s concept of 'intentionality' and Maslow’s 'peak experiences' to encourage a sense of “optimistic expectancy”, Colin Wilson provides us with the perfect antidote to the school of thought that relegates Man to a “useless passion”. Here are some useful links re the Existentialist Meetup pages:

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