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Imagine a space where meaningful conversations take place. Imagine a circle of people from different walks of life that come together every other week to discuss humanistic, social, philosophical and practical topics they are passionate about or they want to learn more of. Imagine a place where your beliefs are challenged, ideas are exchanged and your horizons are 'expanded’. This is EXPANDING CIRCLES (http://www.expanding-circles.org), a space for personal development and self-exploration.

As the philosophers of the old times did, we sit in a circle and the host introduces a topic for the circle. Following the 'Expanding Circles Method' participants engage in a conversation that enable them to exchange views and ideas and challenge their own thinking and beliefs. The host facilitates the conversation and coaches the participants to help them have striking realisations or different ways of thinking.

The objective of the sessions is not only to have a passionate philosophical conversation about an important topic of life, but also to help us have 'insights' and 'aha' moments that enable to live more self-aware lives. We will be covering topics around: personal development, psychology, changing habits, entrepreneurship, social issues, success, career change, spirituality, science, religion and some of the most important questions of life.

Our circles take place once or even twice a month. Check out our event list or our website for details.

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We do charge a small fee for attendance that only serves to cover the cost of organisation and venue, and to make sure our events are organised in a professional and attentive manner.

When you RSVP you will be prompted to pay via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account, just a credit card to do this.

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