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What we’re about

To find out about meeting dates, venues and times click "Join us"

Welcome to the Reading French Language Group

We host french conversation social pub gathering evenings in Reading, french board games evenings, french reading group sessions, restaurant gatherings, french quiz nights, and more...

All events are hosted by native speakers. The aim of the group is to speak french and socialise at the same time.

The Reading French Language Group represents an excellent opportunity to meet with new people, make friends and spend quality time with like minded people.

To find out about venues, dates and time simply click join us.

You will be prompted with half a dozen questions which will constitute your profile. A recent picture of yourself is also required as it represents your first introduction to the group. Landscapes, pets, children or web animated pictures will not be accepted.

*** Please note we are not a language school therefore no tuition courses are offered. You need to have a good command of the french language prior to joining ie be able to understand/follow conversations and interact with others. We will politely decline anyone who does not have the appropriate language level ***

The membership fee is £3.00 per year at attendance to the 3rd event.

Members who are not attending to any events within a timeframe of 5 months after joining are removed from the group in an effort to avoid creating an unrealistic and inflated pool of members.

** The Organiser has the right to refuse potential members or terminate memberships **