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We have come to Prague from different corners of the World. We are making Prague our home, whether for just a month or for the rest of our lives. We want to feel at home and get a local perspective. Why don't we come together for fun, to share our thoughts and experiences, and to make connections between locals and foreigners? We're going to chat, share, make friends and help each other.

WHO SHOULD JOIN: Anyone who does--or thinks they will--live in Prague for a month or more.

LANGUAGE: English for common understanding

MEET-UP PLACES: Cafes/Restaurants/nature/festivals in and around Prague: you name it. But they should NOT be meetups created to sell your product or service.

SCHEDULE: Whenever there's a good meetup idea.

WHO IS ORGANIZING MEETUPS: Anyone who'd like to suggest one (as long as at least three people say they'd like to go)! If you'd like to organize a meetup, please suggest one. If you'd like to organize them on a regular basis, let us know and we'll make you an event organizer!

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Culture&Mentality club
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello, I want to suggest to make some meetings there about mentality of people from
different countries. At these meetings we talk about differences and similarities
in worldview. In particular, we try to understand what exactly people from
different countries mean under such called "universal values" and find the way to
understand each other and new culture better. More than 5 years I work with people
and help them to understand how their “life rules”, personal values, beliefs and
the whole worldview influence on their behavior, how their mentality was formed
and how people can manage and change it for their purposes. I have the next list
of themes for our meetings:
Home from home: Globalization vs Nationality
Success and Prosperity. Life or purse?
Real kinship. Family: nature or culture?
Traditions in a modern world: cultural heritage or throw-back.
To be or not to be Alone – That is the question.
Doomed to love: Men vs Women or Men&Women?
Is freedom a universal value?
Faces of a leader: Winner, Master or Big Brother? you may choose one or more if you like.
Thank you

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Short film program (free entry!)

Residence Bologna

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