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Our aim, at Experience French, is to offer various opportunities in London for French speakers to practice and improve their public speaking in French and in English in a supportive and friendly environment, and also keep in touch with their culture and for people learning French to discover and enjoy the French culture.

This first ever French speaking Toastmasters Club in England has been launched in September 2012 by Raphael Kopel and acolytes and is still running.

At least twice a month, we have meetings that follow the format of Toastmasters meetings i.e. providing a supportive and friendly environment for our members and guests to practise their public speaking skills. Members organise and run the meetings which are wonderful networking opportunities, in addition to being educational and fun. Anyone can come to our Toastmasters meetings as a guest, you will have to join the club if you want to deliver prepared speeches and take an active part in the running of our meetings. Everything will be explained to you when you first come to visit us.

You should already be an advanced speaker of French if you want to make the most of our meetings but then again it's up to you. Here (http://www.toastmasters.org/) are some more info about Toastmasters International, the world leading organisation in communication and leadership development, with more than 330,000 members worldwide!

We also like to organise social gatherings from time to time and you are welcome to join us.

Some of the activities we organise require our 'Experience Frenchies' to speak fluent French (i.e. a play from Moliere) but most of them don't, so it's perfectly fine for you to have a more basic command of the language... you just need to be aware of that when signing up for an outing.

We hope you already enjoy or will enjoy the wide range of opportunities that we endeavour to offer to you all. Please do not hesitate to contact the administrators of the group if you have any feedback or suggestion.

Merci à tous :)

A très bientôt !

Upcoming events (2)

ONLINE via ZOOM - Réunion en français - Experience French Toastmasters

Que vous soyez basé.e au Maroc, en Angleterre, aux Etats Unis ou encore en France pour ne citer que quelques lieux, venez rejoindre notre cohorte internationale de francophiles et francophones via ZOOM :)

Au Programme de la soirée,
* des discours préparés de 5 à 7 min délivrés par les membres de notre club Experience French Toastmasters.
* des évaluations
* des discours impromptus de 1 à 2 min sur un sujet dévoilé le soir même
* du feedback pour tout le monde :) émanant des participants et également du grammairien, du gardien du temps et de l'évaluateur général

(Note: As it is all about speaking and practicing (not learning) we do recommend our club to people who are already fully fluent in French).

Nos soirées sont non seulement informatives et intéressantes, mais également amusantes et accueillantes.

Vous pouvez y assister en tant qu'invité, c'est gratuit !

Après avoir fait l'expérience d'assister à l'une de nos réunions, si vous souhaitez vous aussi bénéficier des enseignements du programme éducatif de Toastmasters International que nous suivons, rejoignez le club :) et prenez une part active dans le déroulement de nos réunions. Nos frais d'adhésion sont très abordables.

C'est clairement une occasion à ne pas manquer !

Alors, qu'attendez-vous pour nous rejoindre ?

Au plaisir de vous accueillir au club,
A très bientôt :)

ONLINE via ZOOM - English Meeting - Experience French Toastmasters

Whether you are in Morocco, France, Britain or America, come and join our international Francophone cohort for a virtual night of speeches, socialising and putting yourself in the spotlight!

- Three pre-prepared speeches of 5-7 minutes
- Evaluations
- Table Topics: 1-2 minute improvised speeches on a topic to be revealed on the night
- Evaluations
- Grammarian, time keeping & presidential reports
- Raise a (virtual) glass together

Our meeting cadence is bi-weekly, two in French and one in English.

Looking forward to seeing you there :)

After experiencing our meeting as a guest, you might even want to join us and BECOME A MEMBER to fully benefit from the Toastmasters International Education programs that we follow, and get also involved in the running of the club.

A très bientôt :)

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