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This group is for anyone and everyone interested in checking a few items from their travel bucket list, experiencing new cultures, visting off-beat locations, weekend getaways, festival trips and exploring Indian villages. We also organize women-only tours and on demand tours. We expectation you to respect environment and local culture while traveling. Come onboard for some of the most memorable journeys of your life.

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Kurukshetra – Chulhe ka khana aur Itihaas

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Kurukshetra, a peaceful town located a distance of 170 km from Delhi, everyday romances with the beautiful sunset turning its clear sky into a reddish color, and dropping its reflection into the waters of Asia’s biggest pond named as Braham Sarovar. The invigorating Sarovar aarti happening over the ghats of Brahma Sarovar during dusk makes the entire evening even more magical. The chants of mantras, the saffron-clad sadhus, the vast expanse of water, the picturesque sunset and all the energy in the surroundings are experienced as just another normal evening in the city of Kurukshetra. It often paints the picture of being a mini-Varanasi in the mind of visitors. It’s still an offbeat tourist destination and free from the crowd. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway, while enriching your knowledge, then this experience is for you. The drive on NH1 between Delhi and Kurukshetra is a treat to the eyes and the soul of any metro resident as this stretch is bestowed with green farms on both the sides of the road. In the close vicinity of Kurukshetra, lie countless villages still connected with the traditional ways of living. During this trip, we will also be visiting a village which can be labeled as Kurukshetra’s local mini-Punjab where you will have the joy of eating chulha ka khana and get a tractor ride. Detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/kurukshetra-chulhe-ka-khana-aur-itihaas/ Trip Highlights 1.Breakfast at Amrik Sukhdev 2. Shree Krishna Museum 3. Jyotisar Temple 4. Dharohar Museum 5. Brahma Sarovar – Sunset and Sarovar Aarti 6. Chulhe ka Khana 7. Village Walk and Tractor Ride Itinerary Day 1 (Saturday): Kurukshetra - The Land of Mahabharta Start from Delhi at 8 AM Breakfast stop at Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in Sonepat Reach Kurukshetra before noon Shree Krishna Museum Lunch Jyotisar Temple Dharorahar Haryana Cultural Museum Sunset and Sarovar Aarti at Brahma Sarovar Dinner Day 2 (Sunday): Chulhe ka Khana Drive to host village Have desi breakfast Village Walk (Sunshine, farms and tubewells) Tractor Ride Lunch (Makke di roti, sarson da saag with chaach) Start Driving to Delhi Reach Delhi by 8.30 PM Trip Ends Cost 4900 INR (to/fro Delhi) Dates: 1. Jan 26, 8 AM - Jan 27, 8.30 PM (Delhi to Delhi) 2. Feb 9, 8 AM - Feb 10, 8.30 PM (Delhi to Delhi) Inclusions All transport from Delhi to Delhi (either Innova or Force Tempo Traveler depending on Group Size) Stay in a hotel for one night on twin-sharing basis. Couples will be given private rooms. Cost of the entry tickets to the places mentioned in the itinerary Expenses of local guide Day 1: Lunch and Dinner Day 2: Breakfast and Lunch A short tractor ride Friendly and knowledgeable group leader throughout the tour Basic Info The group size will be limited to a maximum of 16 people: 14 participants + 2 facilitators and a minimum of 6 people: 5 participants + 1 facilitator. We will start from Delhi on Day 1 (Saturday) at around 8 AM. There will be multiple pick-up points which we shall disclose at the time of booking. We are expected to reach back to Delhi on Day 2 (Sunday) at around 8.30 PM. However, we cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival. We don’t distribute any packed water during this trip. Hence, we recommend everyone to get water bottles which can be refilled. Why to add non-biodegradable waste to environment if we can easily manage without doing so? Detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/kurukshetra-chulhe-ka-khana-aur-itihaas/ Contact: Chandni Aggarwal [masked] (Call/WhatsApp) [masked]

Celebrating Womanhood in the Himalayan Village


What can be better than celebrating this International Women’s Day weekend with a bunch of inspirational women in a quaint Himalayan village? Sharing our joys, sorrows, dreams, aspirations, and endless giggles with our camaraderie over the weekend in a timeless place is going to charge us with all the vigor and the positive energy. Don’t you think that it’s a much-needed break that we should take from our real lives to heal, to deal with whatever the life is going to throw at us and keep doing all the great work we do even with more force! Transforming Travels takes you to a little-hidden paradise in the Himalayas. Who would believe that just a couple of hours away from the bustling city of Delhi, you get a chance to establish a deep connection with nature? We bring to you a tranquil Himalayan village which offers you a timeless experience of soaking yourself in the majestic mountainous beauty. Here you breathe fresh air, hear the pleasant music made by tweeting of birds, and go deep into the forests to unravel some of the Kumaoni secrets. A place so remote where you won’t be jaded by the crowds because you would not possibly find any other traveler but you! Trip Highlights -Stay in Bungalow -Organic Farming -Bee Keeping -Nature Walk -Village Walk -Dairy Farming -Trekking Unexplored Trails -Bonfire and Group Games Complete detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/celebrating-womanhood-in-the-himalayan-village/ Itinerary: March 8 (Friday): Depart from Delhi March 9 (Saturday) Arrival at destination Breakfast and freshen up Organic Farming Nature Walk Bee-Keeping Lunch Village Walk Bonfire and Games Dinner March 10 (Sunday): Breakfast Karkotak Trek (optional) Start driving to Delhi Complete detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/celebrating-womanhood-in-the-himalayan-village/ Cost Ex – Delhi: 6500 INR on/before Feb 5,[masked] INR after Feb 5, 2019 Inclusions All transport from Delhi to Delhi (either Innova or Force Tempo Traveler depending on Group Size) Stay in a 100-year-old bungalow on twin-sharing basis Day 1: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Day 2: Breakfast and packed Lunch Expenses of guide during our stay in the village Cost of all activities mentioned in the plan A 24/7 highly professional and friendly group lead throughout the tour Note: We will start from Delhi on March 8 (Friday) at around 11 PM. The pick-up point would be Mandi House Metro Station Gate No. 2 at 10.30 PM. We are expected to reach back to Delhi on March 11 (Monday) at around 5.30 AM. However, we cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival. Complete detailed itinerary: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/celebrating-womanhood-in-the-himalayan-village/ Contact: Chandni Aggarwal [masked] (call/SMS/WhatsApp) (Please leave a WhatsApp message requesting to call back if you find number is not reachable) [masked] Please note that it’s a women-only trip. If you are a male reading this trip, we would suggest you to gift/recommend this trip to your mother/sister/wife/friend or any incredible female you have in your life.

Holi in Shekhawati


Holi in Shekhawati Holi in Shekhawati is indeed unique, traditional and heart-warming. In Mandawa town of Shekhawati, you will find people of all religions coming together on streets for the love of oneness and dancing to the traditional beats, forgetting all their communal differences. Women peeping from their veils, dancing men with their colorful turbans, and the stalls of bhang can be found in any street of Mandawa. A few dancing men can be seen cross-dressed i.e. men dressed as women while celebrating Holi in Shekhawati. This unusual practice has a great story behind! A great benefit of celebrating Holi in Shekhawati is that you won’t be pushed against random strangers during celebrations as the crowd is less and very-well managed by local authorities. Let’s embark on a journey to celebrate Holi in the most unique and fun way, unravel the rich and amusing history of this region, and to give a visual treat to our eyes and click some Instagram-perfect shots. Be ready to explore the unexplored and be amazed by this hidden gem in the state of Rajasthan! Trip Highlights 1. Holi Celebrations 2. Havelis 3. Cenotaphs 4. Podar Haweli and Museum 5. Morarka Haweli 6. Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary 7. Visiting Local Artisans 8. Camel Ride and Sunset in Desert 9. Visiting the school for differently abled Complete details: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/holi-in-s... Itinerary Day 1: Blending with Holi Colors Depart from Delhi in a Tempo Traveler at 6 AM Short Halt for tea Reach Mandawa around 1 PM Lunch Holi Celebrations Traditional Rajasthani Dinner with bonfire Day 2: Romancing with Heritage Breakfast Poddar Cenotaphs Visiting School for special kids Lunch Churu Heritage Walk Special Tea in Churu Local Market Dinner Day 3: A day with nature Breakfast Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary Lunch Exploring rural life around the sanctuary Local artisan visit Sunset and Camel ride in desert Dinner Day 4: Glory of past Breakfast Podar Haveli & Museum Morarka Haveli Lunch Start driving back to Delhi Cost Ex – Delhi (starting and ending in Delhi) 9900 INR if registered on/before Jan[masked] INR if registered after Jan 25 Complete details: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/holi-in-s... Inclusions All transport to/from Delhi-NCR Stay in a traditional haveli style hotel on twin sharing basis for three nights Day 1: Lunch, and Dinner Day 2: Breakfast and Dinner Day 3: Breakfast and Dinner Day 4: Breakfast Expenses of local guides during the trip Cost of all activities mentioned in the plan A 24/7 highly professional and friendly group lead throughout the tour Please note that for Holi in Shekhawati trip, there will be two pick-up points: a. 6.00 AM: Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport (near Mahipalpur) b. 6. 20 AM: IFFCO Chowk Metro Station in Gurgaon Participants are requested to arrive 15 min prior to the pick-up point. Complete details: https://www.transformingtravels.com/tour/holi-in-s... Contact: Chandni Aggarwal [masked] (call/SMS/WhatsApp) (Please leave a WhatsApp message requesting to call back if you find number is not reachable) [masked]

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