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Explorer Chick (https://explorerchick.com/) is empowering women to live their best lives. How? Through the shared experience of our kickass outdoor adventures and trips!

We provide exciting itineraries to local and global destinations, a supportive adventure-loving community, uncommon experiences, and our signature SHE-nanigans. Discover your awaiting adventure— from a local day tour, a weekend road trip, or your next travel bucket list vacation of a lifetime. Whether you arrive as a female solo traveler or with several of your closest girlfriends, you’ll be greeted by a small group of like-minded women travelers of all ages.


Explorer Chick Adventure Co. (https://explorerchick.com/) is an adventure travel company offering women-only, small group travel trips, workshops, and Mini Adventures.

Our adventures range from local day trips (Mini Adventures) and weekend getaways, to multi-day travel bucket list hot spots all over the world! Outdoor activities on our trips include: hiking, camping, rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, canyoning, surfing and more! Basically, anything that gets us in the outdoors to be active and play.

Oh, and we think we’re the most BAD ASS group of women around! Explorer Chicks show up with open minds, willing to push their comfort zones, ready to have fun, and to be all in.

This Meetup is sponsored by Explorer Chick (http://explorerchick.com/), so there are no dues for joining! Just follow along and hopefully, embark on an adventure with us!


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We are always looking for local Explorer Chick Ambassadors to host our single day Mini Adventures in her area! Check out our Explorer Chick Ambassador page (https://explorerchick.com/about/brandambassador/) for all of the details and to apply!

Upcoming events (4+)

Moab Hiking + National Parks Weekend

Needs a location


Join us for several unforgettable Moab hikes in the deserts of Southern Utah over one long weekend! Spend four days trekking the best hiking trails in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks by day. At night, explore the Moab area or relax in our private Explorer Chick lodgings.
Your weekend has been carefully curated and “in the field” tested by your Explorer Chick team! We’ve spent YEARS playing in this outdoor mecca in the desert. You’ll squeeze in some serious ground over the course of a long weekend working on those hiker booty gains. Most of the ground you’ll cover doesn’t even show up on Moab, Utah hiking blogs.


Explore six arches in one hiking trail to discover the namesake of Arches National Park. Witness the power of wind as you trek among iconic red rock formations where over 2,000 arches have been documented. Descend down layers of red, pink, brown, and white sandstone to enjoy a well-earned lunch on the White Rim of the Colorado River.
Wander through red rock slot canyons, among sandstone hoodoos, and across wind-eroded plains in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. Feel like you’re on a desert planet as you admire the vast and desolately beautiful landscapes.

Catch an unforgettable sunrise at Deadhorse Point State Park as you sip your coffee and munch on your breakfast. Next, gear up and hit the trail in Canyonlands to conquer the steepest trail in the park. (You’ve got this!)

You better believe we wouldn’t let you miss this! Your reward after a brief hike? One of the most famous geological structures in the world. Gaze in awe at some of Mama Nature’s best work before taking your turn to pose in the photo op sweet spot.

Every day, expect to be challenged by a new trail, and a new horizon, and new friends. Your thighs will sing every day as you walk a new hiking trail, admire a new desert horizon, and conquer a new national park!

Your heart will swoon every night as you kick off your dusty hiking boots, share bad jokes, and enjoy fresh-made meals in the Explorer Chick lodge. We’ll enjoy the occasional meal out and even squeeze in some time for you to meander and shop in the funky town of Moab. Your weekend of epic Moab hikes begins with an easy rendezvous at a Salt Lake City airport hotel—we take care of all the transportation from there!
(Phew, did we mention this is all going down in four days?!)
Explorer Chick is an approved and permitted Commercial Operator for Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Early Bird Discount: $200
Expires: 5/1/22
Discount Code: MoabFall2022

See website for full details and to book.

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Virginia Hiking and Survival 101

Needs a location

Find your bold on a Women’s weekend hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Slay the most iconic summits on the Appalachian Trail – Dragon’s Tooth, Tinker Cliffs, McAfee Knob – as you earn your survivor badge in Catawba, Virginia. Between hikes, you’ll learn basic hands-on wilderness skills from emergency bug-hunting to fire-building in the rain.

You’ll kick off your adventure on Day 1 arriving to our lodge in the woods in the late afternoon. Your feet won’t be settled for long as we gear up to tick off the first jewel in the crown: Dragon’s Tooth. Feeling daring? Climb up the monolith for 360 degree views of the valley below and all the bragging rights.

The next morning, you’ll embark on your hike with the most elevation gain – Tinker Cliffs. It’s a beautiful hike that takes you a across a field where you’ll be able to stare way up to our goal. It’s a lovely hike through the “Green Tunnel” with a gnarly steep section before you connect with the Appalachian Trail to reach the summit. Then you get to kick back, and bask in the view of the next day’s summit: McAfee Knob.

On our third morning together, we’ll take a short hike to our outdoor classroom where we’ll spend the day learning and practicing wilderness survival skills. Throughout the day you’ll learn a variety of knots, how to construct a few types of wilderness shelters, how to start and feed a fire even in the rain, and which bugs are the tastiest for eating! 🦗 Yes, it is completely hands-on.

In the evening, we’ll hit a mall walker’s stride as we jump on the trail to catch one of the best sunsets. The hustle up the mountain is totally worth the burning quads as you rest your hiker booty and kick your legs off the edge of the world on McAfee’s Knob.

On your final day in wilderness paradise you’ll learn hands on Backcountry Personal Self Protection. During this hands-on course you’ll gain the necessary skills to break free from a stranger’s hold, recognize the signs of threatening behavior, and objects that you carry in your day pack that can be used as a weapon. You’ll be able to practice in a supportive environment with a “Red-Man Suit” while learning a proper palm strike, finger fan, knee jab, knee strike, and blocking moves. KA-POW!!!

Each night, you’ll be resting your head at a beautiful lodge nestled in Catawba,Virginia. It lays at the base of the mountains surrounded by woods without another trace of humanity in sight. And, food! Your dinners and breakfasts will be home-cooked goodness served up on a plate!

It’s a wonderfully wild weekend with a small group of women hiking the Appalachian Trail and learning wilderness survival tactics. Join us to experience this small-group women’s only hiking weekend yourself!

Adventure Highlights:

  • Learn the necessary skills to survive in the Wilderness in an outdoor classroom with hands-on experience and practice.
  • Gain confidence and independence learning the Seven Priorities of Survival including building a shelter, starting a fire, tying essential knots, and hunting for edible insects.
  • Feel empowered in the wilderness with a hands-on Backcountry Personal Self Protection course learning basic defense moves with a supportive group of Explorer Chicks!
  • Kick back after your adventures next to a campfire at our Lodge nestled in the woods at the base of the mountains.
  • Relax with a comprehensive itinerary that makes everything in-between easy.
    -Geek out with supportive and encouraging Explorer Chicks on a private,
    women-only, small group adventure tour.

Early Bird Discount: $200
Discount Code: VAFall2022
Expires: 05/01/2022

See website for full details and to book.

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Women’s Las Vegas Vacation Weekend Adventure

Needs a location

This isn’t your typical girls-only Las Vegas weekend trip! After a few nights on the Vegas strip, enjoy rock climbing, kayaking and overnight camping in Black Canyon. Experience both the glamour and true grit of Las Vegas, Nevada in its surrounding desert landscape with other adventurous women.

Be sure to pack your sequins and a sports bra to experience Las Vegas, Explorer Chick style! From a 4-star hotel to a billion-star sky, experience the full scope of glam and grit in WILD Las Vegas.

Your vacation begins at a high-end Downtown Las Vegas Hotel and Casino where you’ll enjoy all the food, drink, chip-tossing, and people-watching Fremont Street has to offer.

We’ll build in time to escape the crowds to spend a full day rock climbing and exploring the vertical sandstone walls of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

On day three, we’ll dry bag our belongings (peace out, heels ✌) as we prepare for an overnight kayak adventure. Your 12-mile paddling journey launches at the base of Hoover Dam through the Black Canyon on the Lower Colorado River. That’s right: We’ll gain special access to launch kayaks below the towering Hoover Damn. Talk about feeling small!

The water will be moving and flat; a peaceful pace for anyone who might have overindulged the night prior and perfect for a relaxing trip. Along the way, we’ll make frequent stops to areas accessible only by boat—natural hot springs, slot canyons, a natural sauna, Emerald Cave with gorgeous green water, historical sites, even ruins! We’ll spend our final night resting up camped out on the shore, snort-laughing under the stars.

This adventure is for women who love to experience multiple adventures, don’t mind trading their bed for a warm sleeping bag, and who can trade room service for rock climbing without a second thought. This Vegas Vacation is the best of both worlds: city life and outdoor adventure!

Adventure Highlights
• Experience the neon lights and glam of old Las Vegas while exploring the best outdoor activities in the surrounding areas!
• Get vertical learning to rock climb in Red Rock Canyon with the intensity level as high or low as you’d like.
• Be one of the few getting an up close and personal look at Hoover Dam when as you launch your kayak at it’s base.
• Explore the Lower Colorado River by spending 2 days pack-kayaking through Black Canyon stopping for natural hot springs, hiking, Emerald Cave, historical ruins, slot canyons and more.
• Enjoy a 4 Star Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas right on Fremont Street with a variety of restaurants, luxurious pools, casinos, attractions, and even more just steps outside.
• Spend one night backcountry camping in the heart of Black Canyon along the Colorado River
• Relax with a comprehensive itinerary that makes the logistics, transportation, navigation, meal planning, lodging, and everything between easy.
• Geek out with supportive and encouraging Explorer Chicks on a private, women-only, small group adventure

Early Bird Discount: $200 off
Expires: 05/01/2022
Discount Code: VegasFall2022

See the website for full details and to book.

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Smoky Mountains Hiking and Glamping Adventure

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Hike through sweet smelling pine forests to sweeping panoramic vistas on our 4 day Women Only, Small Group Hiking and Glamping Adventure Tour in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

This hiking tour has been carefully curated and “in the field” tested to include some of our favorite hikes in the Smoky Mountains. Expect to be challenged on the trail, only to be rewarded with stunning mountain views and lovely waterfalls. You’ll climb to only one of three remaining fire towers in the National Park when you embark on the strenuous trek up Mt. Cammerer. You’ll take it “easy” on a moderate hike to the park’s highest single-drop waterfall, Rainbow Falls. You’ll inch out on to a bald rock outcropping to be drenched in mountain scenery in every direction on Charlie’s Bunion. On two of your hikes, you’ll walk in the foot path of thousands of Appalachian Trail thru hikers that have come before you.

Of course, what’s a trip to Tennessee without whiskey? You’ll spend a few hours on an exclusive, private tour with our local guide visiting distilleries on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. You’ll get to go behind the scenes at a real working still house and see how everything is made start to finish. You’ll learn the history of whisky including the Prohibition era, the state’s history with whiskey, and why these mountains were such an integral part of moonshine culture.

Our nights will be spent at our adorable Glamping site located conveniently minutes from Gatlinburg. Each tent has been tastefully decorated and is totally Pinterest worthy! Your digs are outfitted with everything you need to camp comfortably including Wifi and temperature control. Your meals will be freshly prepared at camp by your Explorer Chick guides giving you the only task of relaxing daily after every hike!

• Hike three of Explorer Chick’s favorite mountain hikes in the Smoky Mountain National park.
• Enjoy the sweeping panoramic views from a fire tower high up on Mt. Cammerer.
• Get up close and personal with the Smokies highest single-drop waterfall, Rainbow Falls.
• Stand in the midst of mountains from the rock outcropping on Charlie’s Bunion.
• Taste the flavors of Tennesee with a private whiskey walking tour and sampling flights.
• Kick back at camp with breakfasts and dinners cooked by your Explorer Chick guides.
• Sleep easy at our glamping site with canvas tents outfitted with all the creature comforts.
• Relax with a comprehensive itinerary that makes the logistics, transportation, navigation, meal planning, lodging, and everything between easy.
• Private Explorer Chick, small group, women only tour. Embark on your adventure with an encouraging and supportive group of bold women!

Early Bird Discount: $200
Expires: 05/01/2022
Discount Code: SmokiesFall2022

See website for full details and to book.

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