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Our Mission: To Make Adventure For All

ExplorerSG is a platform for explorers to seek the most happening outdoor, sports and fitness events in Singapore. As part of our initiative to make Adventure For All, we host free hikes around Singapore where we explore some of the lesser-known places in this Little Red Dot.

Whether you are a local or foreigner seeking new friends, a family wanting to spend more time outdoors, or a retire looking for an andrenaline rush, we have an adventure in store for you. If being part of our mission to make Adventure For All sounds exciting to you, join your fellow explorers and kickstart your adventure journey with us now!

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💧 Singapore Water Pipeline Trail Walk (PART TWO) 💧

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- This is an intermediate hike due to the uneven terrain and undulating trails.
- For a more challenging hike, opt for the PART ONE event.

This is PART TWO of the two-part Singapore Water Pipeline Trail Walk

Join us in this two-part series as we trace the pipelines and learn about the history behind the historical infrastructure.

Colloquially known as the Water Dragon, the iconic pipeline stretches 24km from the Woodlands Causeway to Chinatown’s Pearl Hill Service Reservoir, one of the oldest surviving service reservoir in Singapore.

Since 1927, the pipeline has been drawing water from Gunung Pulai, a mountain in Johor, to Pearl’s Hill Service Reservoir. The pipeline was once the bloodline of Singapore for it determined the survival of the country; the destruction of the pipeline during the Battle of Singapore in 1942 left Singapore with water reserves that lasted only two weeks.

Today, most of the pipeline is located underground although one can catch glimpses of it along the different stretches.

- Trace along the Pipeline Trail from Marsiling MRT to Pearl Hill City Park
- Learn about the history behind the pipelines and the disputes surrounding the water agreements.
- Visit the iconic curved pipeline

- Date: 25th Sept 2021 (Saturday)
- Meeting Point: Sixth Avenue MRT
- Starting Time: 9:30am
- Ending Point: Chinatown MRT
- Ending Time: 12pm

Distance: 10km

Items to bring:
- Sports attire with sports/hiking shoes
- Raincoat/Umbrella
- Hat/Cap (Important!)
- Sunscreen
- Hiking poles (to aid the ascends and descends)
- Mosquito repellent
- Water (at least 1 litre)

Additional Notes:
- For those who have stated ‘Going’ but eventually cannot make it for the event, please be considerate to those who are on the waitlist and update your RSVP by 23th Sept (Thursday). We will send a reminder email by 22th Sept (Wednesday).
- For those who have stated ‘Going’ by 23th Sept (Thursday), but do not come on the actual day, we will limit your participation in future events.
- In the event of adverse weather conditions, the hike may be cancelled. We will update the event before 8am if the hike is cancelled.
- We will start punctually and not wait for latecomers. Please be considerate to arrive at the meeting point by 9:30am.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q: Can I come for the event?
A: Please check your attendance on the event listing on the Meetup platform. If you are under the ‘Waitlist’ you are not on the ‘Going’ list, which means that you are NOT ALLOWED to attend the event. If you are on the ‘Going’ list, it means that your attendance is confirmed and you are expected to attend the event.

Q: How can I get onto the ‘Going’ list?
A: Participants are added onto the ‘Going’ list on a first-come-first-served basis. Due to the travel restrictions, we are seeing a spike in demand for local hiking events and slots for our events are often filled up quickly. We strongly encourage our members to join our Telegram group (https://t.me/explorersgmeetup), where we will be announcing new events beforehand.

Q: Can I bring someone with me if I’m on the going list?
A: To ensure that we adhere to the safety regulations, we strictly require all participants attending the event to be on the ‘Going’ list. Hence, we will not allow any participants to bring along any other individual that is not on the ‘Going’ list. If you wish to join the event with your friend or family, they must create a Meetup account and be on the ‘Going’ list too.

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