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What we’re about

Fabulous Friends Forever meetup is a meetup for women 50+. It is the place where friendships begin. Where girlfriends become bff(s). Where ladies can hang out, chat, go to the theaters, dine , shop, dance, or just chill and enjoy each other.So if you are truly Fabulous, come join as we take our Fabulous journey....together. Whether you're widowed, divorced, married, single or in a relationship, we all need "girl time." 

All of us know how hard is to find girlfriends in our lives, girlfriends that we can count on. Unfortunately we don’t know where to meet other women that share this desire. Because our lives take some many turns we lose track of our life-long best friends. 

We are a VERY active group. We have meetups 2-3 times a week. You can choose to be as active a member as you feel fits you.

Let's try to spend each day as it is your last one because unfortunately, one day you will be right. 

Our meetup are mainly south of 635 and east of 75. 

Members can get involved with the planning of activities as much as they like. Host member get- togethers and share your ideas for activities. Suggestions are always welcome. Always love to hear ideas people may have especially if you know the area and it's a great deal! 

Please read our complete Bi-Laws here.

If you have any questions just contact me, your organizer; Cheryl L.


**We don't accept serial joiners. If you are a member of multiple groups depending on the number, we may choose not to accept you. Let's face it, no one can balance 25,50 or 100 groups and keep up with their RSVP's. We have found that serial joiners will signup for events and then cancel day of or "no show". This takes away a spot from someone that would have attended.

**Upload and maintain a current profile photo of yourself. This makes it easier for us to find and recognize each other at events.

**You are not required to post your last name but you MUST post an initial.

**When you RSVP for an event, be respectful of the group. Although it's understandable that sometimes things come up that prevent you from attending, habitual no-shows are not acceptable; please update your RSVP status on a timely basis. If you "no-show" for the event, OR "cancel on the day of" the event, more than three times in any six month period, we will have no choice but to reconsider your continued membership with the group.

**Your participation is essential. Any member not active within the group for a period of 12 months or more are subject to their membership being terminated. Please RSVP and attend at least one event per year to be eligible for renewal. 

**Adult daughters are always welcome to come to an event with mom, just make sure you RSVP.

Even though we love husbands and small children they are not invited to our meetups - sorry.

This group is open to women only. If you are man trying to meet women please find a singles group.

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