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Welcome to Fanatical Foodies! The most active dine out foodie group in the Metro Vancouver area. We have regularly scheduled events and fun loving committed foodie members. Unfortunately most Vancouver meetup groups are known for "no show" members at events. This group does not have that problem. We are a small group who knows one another and I intend to keep this small community feel


This is a social group run by “people who LOVE food, for people who LOVE food”. We want to meet like-minded souls while having a culinary adventure together with a giggle or two along the way. It's a food community. Please note this group enjoys sharing food and trying new things and we promote this idea! We are NOT a vegetarian group although we may eat from time to time at veggie restaurants. If you specific food preferences or allergies this is not the group for you. We have found it much more fun to taste, share and eat family style then get stuck eating one dish all by your lonesome. Also more economical to share dishes amongst people then order a la carte. With this group you will get to experience great local word of mouth diners and dives to highbrow establishments, new up and coming restos and almost everything and anything in between. If it involves food I want to hear about it and experience it. Brunch, dim sum, buffet, lunch, high tea, long table, round table, food carts, dinner, late night eats I am open to posting it.

We have very few no shows compared to other meet up groups in the area as we have considerate and committed members.


SHOW UP or change your RSVP to "NO" the day before.
If you're new and you don't observe that rule, you will be removed automatically from the group.

If I've met you before, you will receive a warning and unfortunately if it happens again you will be removed from the group.

There is a $7 membership fee due. I collect this after attending one meetup for free, (to try the group out) and then on your second event I will request the payment in cash. Please only pay this fee only to the organizer of the group and not an event host.

This is an inclusive social group where fellow foodies are made to feel welcome. I do not tolerate offensive, negative or rude behaviour in this group. This is not a group to market yourself and your business. It’s a social group to relax and be yourself, make new friends and try new foods. We have enough pressures in every day life and meetups are for fun!

I will endeavour to post links to menus so that you may decide for yourself if the choice fits within your taste and current budget. Together we'll embark on a culinary adventure through some of the best dining restaurants in Vancouver.

Size: Groups vary depending on the availability of seats in the restaurant. Reservations will be edited to accommodate the wait list if the restaurant has the capacity for the larger table size.

No Shows: If you are new to the group and I not have not met you and you do not show up for an event or cancel the day of an event you will be removed from group.

Regular members will have their named flagged as ‘No Shows' should they not show up for an event. If the member No Show's a second time they will be removed from the group. This is out of respect for the hosts, the rest of the group waiting for you, those on the wait list who could have joined the event and the restaurant who counts on you to show up.

Tipping: Please don't sign up if you are a non-tipper. You should come to an event with the expectation that you will maintain an extra budget of 15 - 20% as a gratuity.

Waitlists: Please do add your name to wait lists. People frequently change their RSVP’s one day before. Everyone on a wait list gets in 99% of the time. Do not let the wait list scare you. If you are on the waitlist and get bumped in you are expected to show up so please change your waitlist status 24 hours in advance to avoid a no show. Make sure your meetup settings are on to receive notifications.

Culture of Group: Please remember hosts are posting and hosting events out of their own free time. This is not a paid position. Please be respectful of that. After running meetup for many years I would have expected that most people come to meetup events with basic social skills and manners, but I have learned otherwise. I'm protective of my group. I've worked hard to maintain a culture of people who are personable, care about one another and open to the moment about food and have respect for myself and others in the group. With that said we are always welcoming to new members. I am always interested in others who would like to host as I cannot do the job by myself. Please approach me about this once you have attended a few meetups and are comfortable with the group.

Please check out our past events to see where we've been, our great feedback and also the photos of the glorious food!

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