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What we’re about

Join us for women only events in Riyadh where you can learn how women can become involved in Arabian Show Horses. 

What is an Arabian Show Horse?

Arabian Horses are a purebred breed of horses that originated in the Arabian Peninsula, some say specifically in the Nejd region. Arabian Show Horses are renowned for their beauty, they are not necessarily ridden, but instead compete in high stakes “beauty pageants”. Enthusiasts around the globe breed and collect these beautiful creatures specifically for international beauty competitions.

How are women involved in Arabian Show Horses?

Women owners in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and the other Gulf countries are heavily involved in the breeding, showing and care of these unique and glorious creatures. Some of the most prestigious and famous horses are owned or bred by women.

This group hopes to make Arabian Show Horses more accessible to women in Saudi Arabia - the place where these beautiful and treasured horses originate from. 

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