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fat cat FAB LAB (http://www.fatcatfablab.org)is a makerspace in the West Village, Manhattan NYC. A place for learning, designing, collaborating and building.

We offer traditional and digital fabrication tools, workshops and events with an emphasis on low cost open source innovation.

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Laser Open Hours

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This meetup is open to the public and dedicated to the Laser. If you've taken our laser basis usage and safety class, you can use this time to run your jobs with an instructor present and brush up on your skills! This is a requirement before going solo! Please note that this is a shared time so we ask that you do not come with a job that will take longer than 15-20 minutes. Please note: to use the laser non-members pay $20 and $1 per minute for job-time, which is defined by when the laser is actually cutting or engraving. FCFL Members get 3 hours of job-time included every month and pay $0.50 per minute after that. If you haven't had the class already, come enjoy a laser demo!

Weekly Open House

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No project? No problem. Come get inspired at the weekly open house! Every Tuesday evening, we open our doors so you can visit our hackerspace. There's no schedule, no speakers, and no pressure. Just drop in, say hello, meet people, and see some awesome projects. If you're interested in the Fab Lab but don't know how you'll use it, this is your event. You'll see what we're building, and maybe even learn how we built it. If you have a work-in-progress, bring it in! We'll allow you to use some of our tools, and maybe even help squash the bugs that are holding you back. There's no pressure and no commitment. We won't spam you, read you a sales pitch, talk down to you, or ignore you. This is our way to give back to the community. After all, our most diehard members started somewhere. Fab Lab members sew clothes, create art, upgrade bikes, and many other things that have nothing to do with programming or electronics. All types of makers use the Fat Cat Fab Lab, and so should you! Notes! • Please do not bring food into the Fab Lab. • There's no guarantee that someone can or will help you with a project. Post a comment ahead of time and a member may show up to help you. • Visitors may not use the laser cutter, CNC machine, 3D printers, power tools, or other members-only equipment or materials during this event. • The event ends at 9 PM. While we might stay later, we'll probably kick you out instead. Show up on time! • Some tools and projects are dangerous. Participate at your own risk. You are responsible for any projects, tools, facilities, or people you damage. • Tools, power, and workbench space are first-come first-served. • You must join our meetup and RSVP to attend. All meetups held at Fat Cat Fab Lab are private events for members of the Fat Cat Fab Lab Meetup group only. All events are for persons 18 years of age and older.

3D Thursdays! 3D Printing and Hacking

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So... there has been a lot of fuss about this desktop 3D printing revolution thing for a while now. Still very exciting! We have a new-old idea that leaps beyond the news hype and celebrates the wonder of the activity itself. Let's get together every Thursday evening to explore this broad field, in all of its many facets and manifestations. And get to know each other better -- from bold pioneers, to new adopters, from teachers to students, manufacturing experts, to code and electronics hackers. This is your space to grow and share. Topics we might explore on a typical Thursday evening include: - 3D design software and techniques. From getting started, to pushing boundaries. - Explore more of the 3D ecosystem, from making use of 3D printing service bureaus to starting and managing your 3D Hub. - How to prototype and develop your own physical products, tools, and artwork. - 3D printing materials: strategies for fabricating in more than just 1-2 plastics. - Casting and mold-making: from precious metals to candy bars. - Finishing techniques. Sanding, painting, sealing, melting, deforming, decorating, hydro-printing.... Why just make things that look like plastic? Let's spend time together sorting out better ways to use these tools, and better ways to design. - Please RSVP to attend. * Meetup events at Fat Cat Fab Lab are for members of the Fat Cat Fab Lab Meetup Group only.

Laser Basic Usage and Safety

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The class costs $50 for member and $75 for non-members. Please register and pay here: https://www.fatcatfablab.org/workshops#intro-to-laser-cutting-engraving-basic-usage-and-safety LEARN HOW TO HARNESS 80 WATTS OF LASER POWER! Interested in how our laser cutter works? Come to the basic usage and safety class! This class is required for anyone who would like to use our laser cutter for a project in the future. Please be prepared to take notes. Students must pass a certification to use this machine solo. ----------------- What can you do with the laser? Check out these links! http://www.wired.com/2013/02/10-laser-cutter-projects/ http://architizer.com/blog/laser-cutting/

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CNC Open Hours

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