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What we’re about

At this time, we are ONLY ACCEPTING individuals who will be ACTIVE participants.

Fearless Chix organizes adventure-based classes and adventures that support local, small businesses and/or causes. Our adventures are NOT FREE.

Fearless Chix requires a recent profile picture of yourself in which we see your face to join our community.

And lastly, our adventures can be enjoyed by all.

The summer was coming to a close, and a morning of zip lining was planned. The conversations were flowing and the laughter was abundant. "You're next." The dreaded last words before fear took over. Zip lining didn't take place that day, but this group was born.

Our community is for like-minded, active individuals seeking to face their fears, mark items off their bucket list, meet new people, and experience new things. Here to support each other, while having fun!

Facing Fears One Adventure at a Time™