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Tea Time Meditation and Open House
We look forward to opening up our center and welcoming new and experienced meditators alike! We'll enjoy some tea, coffee, and snacks together, followed by a 30 minute meditation experience. Hope to see you there. :)

Federal way meditation

3410 S 272nd St. · Kent, WA

What we're about

What we're about

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of meditation. Many highly successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Practicing at Federal Way Meditation you will be enabled to find true peace, happiness, and inner stability

Federal Way Meditation Center is the most comfortable place to rest your mind

here you will be able to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. With a self reflection process, uncovering and throwing away anything that blocks your mind, you can change and improve your life, create self-awareness and confidence. Through this meditation one can escape from countless thoughts, burdens, and stress.

All those who practice begin to see visible, positive changes in their appearance and everyday life:

-Your face becomes bright

-Your face becomes the most beautiful in your style

-Illnesses disappear

-All of the mind clutter disappears

-You are able to succeed, have 10x more efficiency

-Exhaustion disappears

-You are always in comfort and happy

-You have confidence in whatever it is you do

-You will become illness-free and have longevity

-You can achieve human completion and live forever - by your mind

We are located at 3410 S 272nd St. Kent, WA.


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