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Show Your Work: lightning demos!

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Justin S. and 2 others
Show Your Work: lightning demos!


For our last event of 2018, we're going to have 6 little lightning talks and demos. ⚡

We'll do 3 talks, then have a break for questions. Then we'll do the next 3 talks, then another question session. During the demos we'll write our questions down on sticky notes so that we don't forget them.

Speaker and talks

Alicia de Wet

"Sending Email without a backend"

Have you ever had to send email from a React site without introducing a backend or serverless solution, such as AWS Lambda?

Join Alicia as she briefly talks through a recent project and how she implemented a solution to send email from a site using EMailJS and Mailgun.

Pi Delport

"Flexbox layout: Small, simple, responsive, robust"

Do you still reach for the CSS `float` and `clear` properties to position and align elements? There is a better way!

This talk introduces the flexbox layout model, and shows how you can use it to declare layouts that are simple to reason about, responsive to change, and robust under a wide variety of conditions.

Cory Zue

"Building a Chrome extension"

Ever wanted to build a Chrome extension but weren’t sure where to start? Well it turns out that it’s really easy! In this talk Cory Zue will talk about his experience building Photos New Tab ( - a Chrome extension that replaces your new tab screen with random photos from your Google Photos account.

Justin Slack

"On variable fonts"

In 2016 Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, and Google announced Version 1.8 of the OpenType font format which introduced variable fonts - a format in which the equivalent of multiple individual fonts can be packaged within a single font file. In this talk, we will look at what variable fonts are and how we can use them in our work today.

Danielle Eriksen and Schalk Venter

"Demystifying 'this' in JavaScript"

Ever tried calling 'this' in JavaScript and got something totally different than what you expected (or even nothing at all!)? Or have you wondered why you need to add 'this.clickHandler = this.clickHandler.bind(this)' in your constructor when using the ES6 class syntax or a library like React?

Join Schalk and Dani as they pull back the curtain on this (see what we did there) seemingly arcane, chaotic and unpredictable JavaScript functionality, to expose the straightforward logic that underlies it.

Shailen Naidoo and Tinashe Madz

Shailen and Tinashe team up to share some insight into PWAs and the Vue UI.


Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct ( Thanks! :)


Thank you to Codebridge ( for providing the venue and to NML ( for sponsoring drinks. Yay!

Campground Road, Claremont, ZA. (-33.976559,18.466614) · Cape Town
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