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Learning Git for Social Good

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Learning Git for Social Good


FEDSA is partnering with Keep the Receipt (join.keepthereceipt) to bring you an all-day Hacktober Fest event to learn and practice Git for social good.

πŸŽ“ Want to learn Git?
Do you know absolutely nothing about Git? Good! We will start the day off with a short talk on Git and the sharing of resources to get you started. Throughout the day there will be several volunteers answering Git-specific questions and assisting you if you get stuck.

πŸ‘½ Speaker
Robert is a veteran software engineer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has lead software teams at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, and has lead teams in South Africa to build some of the largest systems in the country. He no works at Equal Experts as the Tech Lead, helping development teams at customers deliver value.

Robert is a passionate speaker having presented over 100 times in South Africa and the USA and is constantly a highly rated. Robert is also a director of the largest a non-profit community for software engineer education in South Africa and is founder and co-organiser of the largest community conference for software developers in South Africa.

Outside of work, he is a proud cyclist and owns almost 100 board games. He is a father to a 11-year-old who is a budding professional YouTuber. Pronouns: He/Him

πŸ•΅πŸ» What is "Keep the Receipt"?
Keep the receipt is an open-source partnership between The Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM), OpenUp and several amazing volunteers. The aim is to catalogue South African provincial and national government spending related to COVID-19 into a machine-readable, searchable format.

πŸ‘ͺ What is this event?
The above constitutes a total of around 1000 man-hours. Therefore, Codebridge is calling on the broader tech community to volunteer some time over the weekend in service of social good and governmental accountability. Core project members will be available for Q&A's or to help if you get stuck during the day.

⏰ Do I need to stay from 10AM to 6PM?
Not at all. You are welcome to pop in and out during as needed.

πŸ”¨ What does the process entail?
You can learn more at

πŸŽƒ Does this count toward Hacktoberfest?
Yes! We are an officially registered Hacktoberfest project. You can learn more at
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