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Live Q&A: Miriam Suzanne

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Live Q&A: Miriam Suzanne


Miriam Suzanne is an author, artist, web developer, and teacher in Denver, Colorado. She’s a co-founder of OddBird web agency (, a member of the Sass ( core team, and a W3C Invited Expert on the CSS Working Group.

After building Susy ( for responsive CSS layouts in 2009, and then True ( for Sass unit-testing, Miriam became one of the primary developers of Sass & CSS developer tools, with a focus on layout, architecture, and design systems. She’s also a prolific teacher – offering CSS workshops, and speaking at conferences around the world. She’s a co-author of Sitepoint’s Jump Start Sass (, a staff writer for CSS Tricks (, and was a founding teacher on the Mozilla Developer ( youtube channel.

Offline, Miriam is a playwright & author of Riding SideSaddle* (SpringGun Press, 2015), a musician with Teacup Gorilla, and a co-founder of Grapefruit Lab. She won the 2017 True West Award for 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products, the stage adaptation of her novel.

You can find Miriam on Twitter as @MiriSuzanne, or learn more about her work at (

On Wednesday the 5th of May we will be hosting an online discussion, during which she will cover some of her work on the above and answer questions raised by attendees.

👪 How do I join?

This event will be streamed live on our Youtube channel. You can subscribe at to receive a notification once this starts. During the event, Miriam will directly answer questions asked in the real-time, live stream chat. A link to the stream will be shared closer to the event.

🎥 Do I need a webcam?

We highly encourage everyone to join by means of video (if they are able to). However, you are welcome to also just sign-on via audio, or even as a silent spectator if you want! We accept questions in the text chat too!

📡 Will this be shared anywhere?

Yes. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend this specific time-slot, therefore we will also upload a recording of the session on the FEDSA Youtube channel at:

Subscribe to the channel if you want to receive a notification when the recording is live.

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