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THIS MONTH: Like some of our previous Poets Laureate, William Meredith [masked]) served in World War Two and was initially known for "war poetry." Also like them he went on to expand his reputation and subject matter, befitting a man who both flew fighter planes and loved opera; who cultivated exotic trees and translated from French and Bulgarian. Unlike the others, who either became Consultant practically straight off the battleship, or served at the Library with the war still relatively close in their rearview mirrors, Meredith was Consultant three-and-a-half decades afterward (1978 to 1980) bringing into a very busy and active Consultantship a very full life and career. As always, we will look at that life, rich in friendships, and the career, rich in awards. The poems which are the jewels in that sturdy framework stopped coming with the advent of a stroke three years after Meredith’s productive turn at the Library. He eventually regained his ability to speak, but somehow not to compose them, even as collections of the poems continued to bring the largest of those many awards, the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. DESCRIPTION: Poetry: Is it all Rainbows and Butterflies and My Little Pony? Fellowship of Reason Poetry Group has for a few years now embarked on a special project. In the continuing years, we will go through all the US Poets Laureate in sequence, approximately one per month, from the earliest (Joseph Auslander, 1937—not familiar with him? that’s part of the project) to recently reappointed Tracy K. Smith, or whoever is current whenever we finish. We're using The Poets Laureate Anthology, which contains short portraits and samples of the works of the first 43 US Poets Laureate, as a starting point. And we will of course go beyond the Anthology for more poems and historical and biographical information, and whatever else we deem pertinent, or for that matter damned impertinent. There will be flexibility in our schedule to pause for other presentations. But we will afterward return to our previously scheduled program, interrupted but uncut. Like all poets, US Poets Laureate belong to the world, but they belong to Americans in a special way, because of their service in that odd and erratic, undefined and ill-remunerative office. Shouldn’t we know them? Shouldn’t we become more familiar with this particular and peculiar strain of our cultural heritage? If you have a free afternoon the fourth (usually) Saturday of the month, why not come join us for rainbows, butterflies and a little cup of SFCRC coffee?

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