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The Fellowship of Reason (FOR) is looking for new members who enjoy performance (teaching/public speaking) and who have true passions in life which they would like to share with us. Non-performing members are most welcome, too. We enjoy music, art, theater, dance, history, culture, religion, philosophy, science, and history.

FOR was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1998 as a non-profit organization to provide fellowship, ethical education, and continuing classical education for thoughtful people, young and old. We welcome individuals and families, offering family-friendly activities. Activities include inspirational, social, educational, and recreational outings. Families and children are especially important to us. There's something for everyone!
FOR offers
*a reason-based approach to life
*social events and opportunities
*adult learning activities and book clubs
*study of aesthetics, ethics, and philosophy
*support in living reflectively and with purpose
*recognition of life events

FOR is a reason-based moral community. Our guiding question is: "What is the beautiful thing to do?"

All social and educational events are free and open to all visitors. As a non-profit, FOR is a member-supported organization. To learn more about FOR and how to join, visit our website at

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