Women's Spirituality Conference - GODDESS REVIVAL - Oakland Hills

This is a past event

124 people went

Oakland Hills Private Temple Space

Address & Parking: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevivalParkingandInfo - · Oakland, CA

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(1) RSVP here on Meetup ... (2) Purchase your Pass online at http://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com - $35 Volunteer Weekend Pass or $75 Weekend Pass

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PURCHASE YOUR WEEKEND PASS: https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com (https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com/)

- $35.00 - Volunteer Weekend Discount Pass (1 restful 2hr greeting shift > then enjoy the entire 2 day weekend freely)

- $75.00 - Goddess Weekend Pass ($397 value)


Fully Immerse your Deepest Self in Sisterhood with Positive spiritual women enjoying and inspiring each other ...

Expand Together Through Ceremony, Ritual, Spirituality, Feminine Wisdom, Indigenous Prophecy, Dance And Embodiment ...

During this life-changing conference, receive the exact steps and the support to elevate your entire life: This might mean elevating your income, attracting more great clients or Love relationships, or healing familial relations with ease and grace.

— Revolutionize your experience of sisterhood and Community;

— Connect with “Soul Sistas” and even conscious business collaborators;

— Let Go of doing-it-all-alone;

— Steep your Self and your Vision in support, love and positivity;

— Learn new spiritual and practical tools you can take to your relationships and your business.

— PLUS+ Each of our speakers will be giving you some valuable gifts throughout the retreat.


Address, Parking & Weekend Schedule: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevivalParkingandInfo

Beautiful Private Mansion & Temple Space - Oakland Hills:
As you walk up the flagstone steps through the front door and rich wood floors and gorgeous tiling and decor’ capture your gaze. You are nourished by natural lighting and sacred images

... You will know right away that this will be no ordinary weekend.

​This is a place of positivity, healing and rejuvenation.


YES! This conference is happening Easter Weekend

WHY? From Ostara, Ishtar, Isis to Eostre, the roots of the resurrection story go deep. Easter was traditionally a goddess celebration in ancients time. Have fun finding interesting information about the history online, or through your goddess friends.


Address, Parking & Full Weekend Schedule: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevivalParkingandInfo

PURCHASE YOUR WEEKEND PASS: https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com (https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com/)

- $35.00 - Volunteer Weekend Discount Pass (1 restful 2hr greeting shift > then enjoy the entire 2 day weekend freely)

- $75.00 - Goddess Weekend Pass ($397 value)

We recommend choosing 3-4 workshops or ceremonies to attend each day of this incredible women's weekend:


The 3 Keys Every Woman in Leadership Needs to Elegantly Co-create.

— Grace & Rick Paris - Conscious Creation Experts How to

Embody Goddess Lakshmi for More Love, Prosperity and Light.

— Usha Rani Sharma - Author, Speaker, Mentor, Silicon Valley Executive

Sacred Rituals and Indulgent Self-Care for Deep Healing and Feminine Radiance

— Suzanne Mansell - Leadership Coach & Ayurvedic Practitioner

Three Keys To Feminine Financial Freedom

— Sherry Hinrichs - Conscious Financial Planner

Healing From Negative Body Image: How To Adore The Body You're In

— Melinda Gulick - Intuitive Healer

Reclaim Indigenous Mind and Step Into the Medicine Woman You Were Born To Be.

— Maria Owl Gutierrez - Professor and Dean of Students at Energy Medicine University. Founder and Director at Sacred Leadership Certification Program. Ceremonial Leader.

Your Inner GPS – Finding Optimal Health and Happiness using Your Internal Guidance System

— Zen Cryar DeBrücke - American speaker, author and entrepreneur who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as the Internal Guidance System (IGS)

Six Steps to Reveal the Messages Hidden in Your Body

— Becky & Cory Center - Speakers. Authors. Creators of BioResolution.

Harnessing Your Goddess Genius: Your Body Loves Connection!

— Erin Burch, PT - The Body Whisperer, Speaker

Connecting with Spirit Through the Womb

— Sharon L Nelson - Prenatal and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Reclaim Your Life Force and Empowerment

— Girvani Leerer, PhD - The Shamanic Psychologist

How to be the Goddess IN Your Relationship - 3 Keys to Create Conscious Partnership

— Kimi Avary, M.A. - Relationship Navigation Specialist

Orgasm, Desire and Purpose

— Natalie Thiel - Director of OneTaste Bay Area, Orgasmic Meditation Instructor

From Wounded Healers to Lucrative Badass Leaders

— Sofie Pirkle - Turning Survivors into Badass Leaders since 1994, International Trauma & Cult Recovery Expert & Mentor

Address, Parking & Full Weekend Schedule: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevivalParkingandInfo


From Spirit With Love: Healing Ceremony With Native American Elder

— Dr. Maria D. Michael Ph.D. - Internationally Known And Respected Medical Intuitive, Channel, Empath, Healer, Psychic And Teacher

Returning To Your Sacred Self, Returning To Your Ancestral Roots​

— Marcela Sabin, Ma - Co-Founder Of Circle Of Ancestors. Promotor Of Curanderismo and Ancestral Knowledge, Committed To The Empowerment Of Indigenous Traditions.

Achieve Focused Clarity and Sustain Peak Performance.

— Petalyn Swart-Albert DD, CPCC, CDC - Unlimited Resilience Trainer and Coach to High-Octane, Women-Business-Owners.

Clearing the Way for Divine Love

— Nancy Mae, MA, MS, MIM - Life Transitions Coach & Energy Practitioner

Healing Your Soul’s Voice - Reclaiming the Voice of the Goddess

— Ariana Newcomer - The Voice Coach's Voice Coach

Grounding into Your Radiant Presence

— Aimee Tomczak, M.A, MFT - Psychotherapist, Women's Body Wisdom Coach, Speaker

Awaken Your Divine Intuition for Health & Healing

— Dr. Kelly Han - Naturopathic Doctor & Women's Health Specialist

Reimagining Relationships - Manifest Your Wildest Relationship Dreams!

— Sumati Sparks - Midlife Polyamory Coach

Weaving Miracles with the Manifestation Magic of Spider Woman

— Amanda Elo'esh Johnsen, MA - International Speaker, Teacher & Spiritual Leader

Unleash Your Wild Woman: Become an Authentic Feminine Leader

— Kendra Diaz-Ford, PhD, RYT - Women's Leadership Coach

Self Sex Spirit

— Ali Montgomery MA - Sexual/Spiritual Educator and Coach

EmBODY Your Temple For Ecstatic Presence!

— Dr. Stephanie Bridwell MS DC - Chiropractor and Success Coach

Tending The Fire: RE-Membering Through Your Soul Voice

— Mireya Alejo Marcet

PURCHASE YOUR WEEKEND PASS at https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com (https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com/)

Address, Parking & Weekend Schedule: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevivalParkingandInfo


“A powerful weekend; great variety of ways to explore body, heart, mind, all opened us to the shadow and her gifts ultimately revealed. The depth of truth revealed showed me things to explore more deeply. A safe container was made by the facilitators and the women attending that allowed truth to bubble forth from each of our depths. We saw out commonality and that we were not alone and had allies.”
~ Jen Devine, Theologian, educator & pleasure activist

"I really enjoyed the retreat. Thank you for organizing it. I particularly liked having the sessions with many different people to learn about a lot of different things. I'm very glad I attended."
~ Vera Ginzbourg

"I love what you've been putting out there to the community of women. It feels really empowering."
~ Susan Lingo

“I felt incredibly supported and safe with this group. I think it has to do with building a safe space slowly and over the weekend, where you can really open up. Thank you for all of the participants and facilitators. I would recommend this workshop to anyone willing to uncover the deep hidden parts of themselves in order to heal.”
~ Maria Crescembeni, Bi-lingual Interpreter

"I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity in my life, to be surrounded by so wonderful woman and grow together....I believe that every woman in this world deserve this same possibility.
Bless you!"
~ Marina Ubaldini, Doula, Sound Healer

"These workshops have helped me to drop my shields and to fully take responsibility for all I’ve generated
and not. I'm blown away by the levels of fear that I've been able to drop since our last workshop. I'm truly grateful and excited to share this weekend with you all."
~Spencer Franklin, Branding Consultant

"Each of the facilitators brought a different and compelling piece to the weekend, deepening and broadening the overall experience. The synergy of the facilitators on the second day was particularly beautiful … the safe, sacred container for us to grow and shift and deepen with joy! I loved the experience!"
~ Ariana Newcomer - The Voice Coach’s Voice Coach

"I attended this amazing, heart opening, fulfilling weekend! Jessica is a true goddess and holds the space like a queen. For connecting and sharing with other women from our hearts regarding conscious healing business', this was a nourishing and educational way to spend a weekend. THANK YOU all wise women who shared their gifts, skills and talents!"
~ Kim Stanley

"Thank you for creating a beautifully nurturing, safe and transformative sacred space this past weekend. It was a pleasure to be introduced to you at such a lovely event and to witness you shining. May you bask in the afterglow of this wonderful event and may it bring you an abundance of blessings.
In deep gratitude and love."
~ Angela Serviss

PURCHASE YOUR WEEKEND PASS: https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com (https://goddessrevival.eventbrite.com/)

- $35.00 - Volunteer Weekend Discount Pass (1 restful 2hr greeting shift > then enjoy the entire 2 day weekend freely)

- $75.00 - Goddess Weekend Pass ($397 value)

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Address, Parking & Weekend Schedule: http://bit.ly/GoddessRevivalParkingandInfo